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Best Single Player Card Game

Dila Banjade
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My favorite single player card game


  1. I got it on my first try!!! I’m so excited omg lmaoooo, an introverts dreammmmmmm thank you

  2. I just realized this video was made in 2013-

  3. Could I add more than 2 cards? For example I have a 9 a Ace and a Ace could I make those 3 or does it have to be by 2?

  4. The dislikes are cause you didn't name it

  5. good job but it is sad if you are trying to find a single player game it means you don't have any friends.

  6. Just played along and got it on the first try. Now I’m determined to make it not work.

  7. Can I use covid for why I want to learn this still or do I have to admit I'm lonely?

  8. Lol I won the game while learning- it was fun, thanks for teaching me a new solo game so I wont play JUST solitaire, pyramid and clock all the time

  9. I'm a trucker and needed this looks like a cool game I'll try it out tonight

  10. I have one doubt:
    If we have more than 2 cards that makes up 11(eg Suppose, I have 5, 4 and 2), then can I add those 3 cards to make up 11?

  11. I was playing this waiting for my game to download

  12. Just played my first game and it was great fun thank you. Lets play Poker sometime, i bet you qill win PEACE

  13. All most impossible too play when your drunk

  14. I must be brain dead because he lost me around the 4 minute mark.

  15. Great game. I haven’t won yet. You made it look easy lol

  16. Do you lose when you don't have any face cards left that you could replace with other cards? I've tried to play this game a few times and it always ends up me having no cards that add up to 11 nor free face cards..

  17. What if the first card i pull cant add up with any other card?

  18. What should we do if All face cards are locked and there is no chance of sum of 11

  19. Thanks, nice game. I love playing it.

  20. Honestly mate, very well explained.. straight to it and no messing around. Good job..

    I remembered this from a while ago and just had to look up how to play it again, and it’s as simple as that.


  21. First time I tried it did not work… trying again and will update when I get it

  22. How about if theirs no more single cards left?

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