Bills vs. Jaguars | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Bills vs. Jaguars | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. And we let the best cornerback for years to come go to another team this team is a joke

  2. It's funny that the Bills and Jags were more defensive lead teams that year and now it's about their QBs

  3. This was the dullest, most boring playoff game I've ever watched.

  4. As so Nathan Peterman did indeed etch his name into the history books, as one of the worst QBs in the NFL

  5. Two horrible interference against bills prolly same thing will happen to screw them against bengals refs never give us calls at home for some reason god forbid

  6. It's 2023 I believe the jags are better now than they were then .go Jags playoffs 2023.i believe in TLaw

  7. Hard to believe this was a playoff game

  8. Listen to that crowd roar! Jaguars have one of the best fan bases when they’re winning games

  9. Jags have always been better than the bills

  10. Hopefully the Bills draft a quarterback; that Darnold kid looks pretty good. Or maybe that one Josh guy… 🤫😏

  11. It’s 2022 and I still occasionally go back and watch the 2017 jaguars. Man they were so fun to watch, i cry everytime

  12. Why did the number 39 do that ramsy ahah

  13. I think this was a very VERY early sign of what the Bills would eventually become.

  14. Looking back after watching this game live, I'm like, wow. 2 of the best Defensives and polarizing/underpowered offenses. McCoy was a healthy scratch and wasnt 100% but it was a great game to watch

  15. If we would have wound up winning this we would have probably won the Super Bowl. I am looking forward to the playoffs this year. Go Bills!

  16. the last time i have seen jags stadium this filled 🙁

  17. I cried in my room for an hour after this game

  18. hey look its me from the future trevor lawrence won

  19. Imagine If We Had Minshew This 2017 Season.

  20. 1-6 record maybe go 1-15 still jville 4 life

  21. I'm a bills fan and in 2020 they are insane

  22. Crazy how now Buffalo is a super bowl contender and the jags are currently the worst team in the league. (Besides the jets)

  23. Buffalo bills vs jacksonville Jaguars 2017 18 Jim nantz tony Romo tracy WOLFSON Jay feely NFL football

  24. Great game by both defenses that's what you call playoff football at it's best.

  25. The greatest defense in NFL history.

  26. Wow 3 calls in a row screwed buffalo in the 4th

  27. Crazy to think where these teams are now. One is on the top, one is on the bottom

  28. Who's watching this after the Jaguars beat the living hell out of QB Josh Allen and The Bills.

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