BLACKJACK 21! Card Game for Loot! (Fortnite) -

BLACKJACK 21! Card Game for Loot! (Fortnite)

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Today in #Fortnite #Creative we playthe Card game 21 in Fortnite Battle Royale! Blackjack mini game!
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Tobu – Such Fun
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  1. How do I make the Rick roll music in fortnite is there a tutorial somewhere? I need a small adult. Mommyyyyy

  2. I went two weeks with out getting rickrolled😭😭😭

  3. Aw 😥.why did you Rick rawl use 😠.

  4. Dance grenade grenade launcher shockwave stry that combo out

  5. Ian you are a little turd nugget for rick rolling us

  6. Never thought I will get Rick roll like this

  7. the fact that I got rickrolled makes me sad

  8. he is justyso scared if that lands on dislike

  9. There’s two diffrent types of ssundde the one that dosent like it when someone takes his kill and the happy ssundde that has low health that’s great full when someone takes his kill

  10. Ssundde ask me what I have biffle what do u have I hAvE 3 crossbows I HaVE 4 CROSSBOWS

  11. This thing can’t kill me ssundde dies to traps

  12. Bro at the start of the video, I was DYING after he said 21 the way he did

    Like if u started dying bc of that as well

  13. It's actually kinda funny that whenever a friend of mine or my little brother rickrolls me, I get so mad, it's like I become a volcano

    But when SSundee rickrolled me, I just couldn't get mad

    Like if u agree

  14. Good song ssundee but your not gonna see this comment loooool

  15. More or else they won’t hit that like button and sub

  16. That placement for the Rick Roll tho-

    ;-; i just got Rick Astley'd

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