Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED -

Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED

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There’s a lot more to counting cards in Blackjack than meets the eye. Mike Aponte, former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, takes us through the complicated process of counting cards.

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Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED


  1. Should put some kind money management for plus amount otherwise just drags on and on like all these statements.

  2. Today at my FIRST day at the casino I managed to turn 100$ into 12$ then I turned that 12$ into 0$ at the slots BUT 12+0=120

  3. Me after watching "No game no life"

  4. So do you want all the big cards out of the deck up front..i under stand the count I dont understand if the high cards need to go or the low ones

  5. Cut the music !! Its so stupid to add music like that get a good editor

  6. Wait so in a round you DON'T count the dealers two card in the running count? And why not if they are coming out of the same deck? Also how are you supposed to know the amount of decks remaining? Doesn't add up my guy.

  7. How do you know how many decks are being used I'm having a hard time

  8. How do you know how many decks remain? Is that an estimation based on where the card in shoe, sometimes I have a seen a card, not a playing card placed in the shoe? Does this tell the dealer that he or she is coming to the end of shoe? The dealer never plays through to the end of four or five deck shoe, they seem to play near this marker and then shuffle. So how do estimate the number remaining, by the thickness of the amount of cards, often this is hidden?

  9. Is he doing magic or teaching card counting?! Pick one dude I’m trying to learn a life lesson 😆

  10. counting is easy problem is its like basic strategy teaches you to lose the least amount with card counting it only matter after thousands of hands like if u were flipping a coin 10x your not going to win 5x out of 10 but if u play thousands of hands that's where the math comes in who gamebles for the long run? just like when you play black jack the casino has the edge but u sometimes win so just like if the deck is high in high cards you dont always win. plus also add on how many players actually play basic strategy to a tee?

  11. a/5 count is the easiest for every ace that leaves the deck house edge goes up .5 percent for every 5 that leaves the deck it goes down .5 percent

  12. plus the rules and penetration and csm make counting virtually impossible

  13. Who needs to count cards when you have the luck of a two-headed coin flip?

  14. I still don’t get it lol, I may be an idiot

  15. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that MIT apparently has a blackjack team?

  16. Nowhere in this video does it teach me the proper response to DeNiro saying, "You can the money and the hammer, or you can walk out of here… can't have both"……

  17. That waistcoat that's way too short, worn with a belt that's way too low…God its atrocious.

  18. With the mental capacity required I think I would just develop a groundbreaking trading algorithm instead and make billions 😄

  19. 2:21 I liked the little tricks but I don't get how he did this one? Anyone know?

  20. But how do you know how many decks are left and how many have been used

  21. Up until 3 minutes I was with this.

    After 3 minutes he just sounded like the teachers in Charlie Brown.

  22. Grandmaster Vikram Rahul Abishek Pranav Rajesh says:

    Here is the basic idea of the video tp those who are confused.

    Low cards is +1,increase size bet. High cards is – 1, decerease size bet. The more +1 the larger your advantage is. The more – 1 you get the lesser your advantage.

    The rest of simple mathematics of adding and subtracting +1 and – 1 together to determind your advantage. This is an actually strategy, it definitely isnt nonsense but in games like blackjack and poker, it still has to do with your luck.

  23. why is card counting illegal when it's simply being smart

  24. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say says:

    You know what’d help, if you could just see what the next card is before you decide to hit or stay.

  25. The only cards I'm counting are the number of Exodia parts I have on deck

  26. Question. Are you assuming the house never cheats? Can you ever ask to verify what they say is there is really there??

  27. When you watch the entire video and he still never says when to and when not to hit

  28. I had a flatmate who used this technique. One day he quit his job and went to the casino the same night, came back with £1500. The next night £2000 and the same the third night. Fourth day he paid his rent, went on holiday and never came back.

  29. I try to stick to a middle ground, more "vague" version of this (both because I suck at quick maths and also so I don't get kicked out for card counting and can still enjoy my time at the tables instead of stuck in my head), by just trying to keep track of if I've seen a 'more than average' amount of high or low cards. If you get one or two rounds with a lot of face and high cards, expect the next round or the round after to be mostly low cards. Definitely not foolproof or consistently accurate but its better than nothing.

  30. The calm sled philly book because chord pivotally surprise athwart a graceful puppy. material, near brace

  31. Whoops there it goes. Yup my brain stopped

  32. The more indepth i am to this video the more I forget what im supposed to be watch.😅💯

  33. I'm an expert card counter; I count on getting the right card, or I lose.

  34. he spoke really slow which is great because I am a math simpleton and need the time to count in my head

  35. I love the card mechanics and manipulations! Very entertaining along with the academic commentary!

  36. You still hit on 16 vs a dealers 10 when the true count is super rich?

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