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[ Block 101 | OPCG | Round 3 ] Enel VS Rob Lucci

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Standard Battle

Round 3

Christian R. [ Enel ]
Bryan [ Rob Lucci ]

G/F The Royal Plaza Commercial Center, 14 Domingo M. Guevara, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

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  1. The lucci player gave enel so many cards by just attacking him

  2. If the last one luci kill yamato and ace. He will win on the next turn

  3. Can anyone explain to me why Enel players play the 7c 9k vanilla instead of, say, a 7c Linlin or a blocker, a trigger or literally anything else?

  4. Grabe naman ung combo ng moria-rebecca-spandine-lucci.

  5. I think the Lucci might have won in 2 spots if he played a little more aggressively

  6. Lucci was too passive with his Don, should’ve swung 9k with his smaller bodies, gave Enel too many turns to heal and fight back

  7. Lucci was so ahead on so many turns. It was painful to watch Lucci keep swinging short attackers unto 1 life Enel. Seemed like a decent deck tho.

  8. 8:00 you never trash katakuri there. You play amaru on enel rest rebecca, then attack with sirahoshi on rebecca and with enel on kaku and moria on bottom life. And say gg easy xD

  9. U don't want to filter his life if you don't have one more attacker to attack. Sayang lang panalo ka sana.

  10. Lucci needed more aggro for sure. Big swings with Kaku and Lucci mean that even if he counters out, he loses his entire hand to counters, and Yamato would eventually be forced to succumb to Moria and/or Stussy attacks without counters to save her.

    Have to think about how hand counters affect characters on opp board and in relation to life left, not just your own.

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