Blue Flare DigiXros Deck Profile! (Digimon Card Game) -

Blue Flare DigiXros Deck Profile! (Digimon Card Game)

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  1. Not sure if Inked has it but is that a playmat of all of Scathach's VA's role's? I would love to order that.

  2. Hey what should I replace the two Tommy’s for since it’s limited to 1?

  3. Just when I thought there couldnt be a more boring stall deck than yellow hybrid lol

  4. perfect! can't wait to play this! – this and shoutmon are the two I'm looking forward too 🎉

  5. This is what happens when Blue Hybrid discovers steroids

  6. Bt10 is far off for us, but I've already decided I'm going to build this and Bloomlord for that set.

  7. Any reason you are not running the ST1 greymon?

  8. Do you ever feel like you have too much stun? So much so that some of it becomes redundant in a given game?

    Between MetalGreymon which is easy to recur once deleted, DeckerGreymon, MailBirdramon ESS, Howling Memory Boost, Tommy ESS, Korikakumon and Innocence Blizzard theres a whole lot of stun thats probably not going to be used and the deck space could be utilised for other things to push your aggro, search pieces, etc.

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