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Bourré – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. does the dealer in the round only have four cards then?

  2. Did su&sd do a video on a solitaire game? I can't seem to find it anywhere, so either they deleted the video or I'm going insane. Either way, do you know what it's called?

  3. I play a couple of card games, i would love to see a review of them, being scumbags and Warlords ( also know as princes' and the paupers), Cado, 500 and then bridge.

  4. If "Skull" is the game every party should be playing in RPG taverns, Bourre is the game played in the high stakes room in the back of the thieves' guild.

  5. Brilliant series. Can’t wait for the chance to try out several of these card games that don’t suck with my mates.

  6. My favorite card game with a standard deck is a trick-taking game called Trex (though my friend that taught it to me called it Tricks and Tracks). It's really cool. Only downside is it's mandatory 4 players. There's 5 "contracts" that are different game modes and each player has to select all five to end the game (but the order you select them in is up to you when it's your turn). The rules I learned are different than what I found googling it, but the idea's basically the same. (In my version, goal is lowest score and the negatives and positives were opposite. Also the King of Hearts contract was 100 points.)

    Edit: Apparently the other glaring difference was we would allow contract selection for whoever was clockwise from the previous dealer and our scoring sheet had all 5 games and all 4 players in a grid so you could check off the game as it was selected and keep track of who was next to choose. Official game says each player does all 5 contracts which sounds less interesting to me, but maybe it's more balanced or something? I'll have to try it next time I magically get 3 trick-taking friends together.

  7. Please do a "dice game that don't suck"

  8. this game makes me think of 'Hearts' but with more gambling
    … and where you want the cards instead of try to avoid getting them

  9. Finally got a chance to try this. Love the video, but there are a tremendous amount of rule clarifications that are missing or vague.

  10. @9:25 This is a really popular game in south Louisiana. We usually play during family get togethers (quarters only), and our house rule is that zero tricks just means you double your next ante.

  11. Now with dice games that don't suck PLEASE!

  12. What are you supposed to do if you don’t have a heart or the trump card? Are you supposed to put another suit in?

  13. Growing up in Lafayette, LA I have played Bourre for almost 30 years. So to make one correction in your explanation, when the pot is split ALL player must still ante up on the next hand. And if you happen to not win any hands, your punishment is matching the existing pot as your next ante, which of course meant you

  14. What is the penalty if a player reneges? (e.g. they play a different card than they're supposed to, and another player catches it later in the game)

  15. in denmark we play this game with a twist( or a verry similar game ). it is called mousel because as the say the dealer have a massive advantage. so if the dealer is in they have to take two tricks. if they get 2 they are safe. if they get 1 they go bourré (mousel). and if they take 0 they go double bourré (mousel bet) and have to douple the pot.

  16. @4:51 That rule of must follow lead suit & secondly trump suit is true for any trick-taking game. Same in Spades. If you don't play the lead when you had it then you "renege". If you renege in Bourre, you have to pay the pot total in as penalty (like getting no tricks).
    And really , to win the trick you WANT to play the lead suit first & then trump anyway.

  17. There's an un-named version of this game that is brutal & barbaric that I learned about in an old magazine article. PM me if you want the details. It said Bourre in French means "Your money or your wife."

  18. Use to have poker games at my place back in the 70s on the MS coast. Not being native to the area I found it hard to keep everyone focused on poker. If you just left the room for a minute you came back to a bourre' game. Bourre' adds chaos to gambling odds. Not a good thing. It attracts those who want to play, Follow The Queen or Dr. Pepper. The best I can say for bourre' is play a lot of Hearts or Spades. Whist is a great game as well. Then you will be prepped for bourre'. Those games will help you learn how to slough the unwanted cards.

  19. Reminds me of a Dutch card game called "Klaverjassen"; great game!

  20. Hey! Were these the guys who tried crokinole?

  21. It seems like its really easy to cheat in, considering you can avoid doing the "YOU MUST PLAY HIGHEST RANK" rule if u wanna be sneaky.

  22. I used to play fudoo with friends:
    – Everyone is dealt 4 cards and they have to write down how many tricks they're going to earn in this round
    (minimum of 2)
    The loser of the previous round decides the trump suit
    (default is spades)
    – Then everyone gets 3 more cards and then the round begins
    – Everyone plays one card of the same suit and the highest card wins the trick
    – If someone doesn't have a card of the suit, they can play a trump suit card or any other card (highest trump card wins)
    – Players take turns going first
    – At the end of the round, players with most and least tricks won are the winner and loser of the round
    – People with excess tricks can pick a card from players with less tricks than they wrote down in the next round after the 3 additional cards are dealt
    (So if I write down 2 tricks and only win 1, someone with 1 excess trick can take a card from me in the next round)
    – card picking is done blindly.

    Common house rules may include:
    – seeing the cards while picking from the losing player and/or letting him see the cards and/or letting him pick a card in exchange;
    – writing down 1 or even 0 tricks as your "bet", although with 0 tricks the benefits of excess tricks may be revoked;
    – Increasing the minimum tricks to 3;
    – letting players play a trump suit or random suit even if they have a card matching the current suit;
    – letting players make bets using their tricks while a round is ongoing.

  23. Tricks is just another name for books from spades!

  24. Skull king is my trick taking game of choice but it's good to remember the classics!

  25. "Like tears, in the rain." I love that quote from Blade Runner. Kudos, Quinns, kudos

  26. This game sounds a lot like a simpler version of "Tarock" a.k.a. "French Tarot" except that in Tarock you play with a tarot deck and the major arcana are always the trump cards.

  27. for a game that potentially has a lot of money on the ine, how easy is it to police that people re playing the high card when they have to?

  28. It’s basically hearts with the trump suit decided randomly and betting.

  29. I wouldn't like this as a gambling game. If someone plays incorrectly, either intentionally or not, you can lose a lot of money. I understand why casinos prefer blackjack and poker on that basis alone.

  30. Please bring us more card games that don't suck!!

  31. Does anyone have recommendations for poker chips?

  32. The rules State you can only draw up to four cards, and you have to decide whether you want to play or not before you draw any cards

  33. Now I can join in my family reunion of Louisiana Cajuns. They play this all weekend long, drinking, yelling. Now I won't be missing out.

  34. I haven't played the game, but it feels like it would be easy to "cheat" accidentally or on purpose. Especially when drinking is involved and it becomes very hard to keep track of previous tricks

  35. The last one of these before everything went weird. The loss of this and Mothership were minor, but sad losses to the Pandemic.

    I've enjoyed it!

  36. Gambling and exponential growth mix like oil and gasoline.

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