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Bourré – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. This game seems like you have a lot less control than other tricktaking games. Having no choice but to try to win the hand would mean that often your play is decided for you. Seems like it would just run on autopilot half the time

  2. If you're looking for more French card games, Barbu is great. Especially if you include the Ravage City variant.

  3. My mind just tuned out at some point and only thing I could think was "what would Quinns look like with the classic Star Trek mirror universe villain goatee".

  4. Great review guys, but what happened to Quinns's neck? Did the new guy bite him? It's the only possibility I can think of.

  5. What single-toothed vampire sucked your blood there Quinns?

  6. Thank you so much for introducing the fans to Bourre. This was my first trick taking game, which I learned when I was around ten. I remember my parents sitting around with their friends playing “boo-ray” late into the night. It was raucous an intoxicating, so of course I had to have them teach me. Needless to say, we just played for valueless chips, and I drove my sisters nuts trying to get them to play with me. Sadly, in the fullness of time, I forgot everything about boo-ray except that it was a gambling trick-taking game. Thank you again for sparking my memory.

  7. This game was introduced to me in college with the name "Blu Ray". I guess something got lost in translation.

  8. A rule clarification. Rule 3 was stated as "you must play a card that will win the trick". Does this mean if you have both the lead suit AND the trump suit and it is your turn, you must play the trump suit if it would win you the trick when the lead suit wouldn't? Or does rule 1 (must play the lead suit if possible) supersede rule 3?
    For example, first player plays 6 of hearts, next player plays 10 of hearts. In my hand is a 4 of hearts and a 5 of (trump suit). Do I have to play the 4 of hearts or the 5 of (trump suit)?

  9. quinns: “trick taking games are a nightmare to explain”
    me, from the midwest and forced to play euchre since i could count: “can’t relate”

  10. Would you recommend a book of rules for these card games that don't suck?

  11. This became my favorite gambling game the moment you uttered "Their ante was lost like tears in rain."

  12. spades with extra steps…and no team..and you cant cheat…so not really spades

  13. These a great games! Showed ratscrew to friends they don't want to play anything else

  14. This game is actually huge around the southern area of Louisiana.

  15. Where are those chips from? I really like them.

  16. I’m from Louisiana and this game is hugely popular back home.

  17. Is King (the card game called King not the actual card) not a thing in UK/USA/Canada? Just cause every trick-taking game of this series so far kinda disappointed me for not being as … deep as King is. This one is interesting though. It is a nice variation on the betting mechanics of Sueca/Bisca.

  18. With the whole people ante in to receive cards and play a hand, when the dealer decides not to ante how is trump decided? Is the player to the right the one to have their last card flipped or is an extra card flipped? Either way seems like it could push the advantage in different directions.

  19. I just want to remind you that you also can play the anti version of most trip taking games, where yountry to get as few trips as possible.

  20. I think this might replace Three Dragon Antee on low player count D&D nights.

  21. A game my buddy in college used to play was "Spades" they raved about it never heard of it until then.

  22. This a good example of why turn up euchre is a great game to teach card game beginners. It teaches so many basic skills. Especially trick taking procedures.

  23. Huh, a gambling trick taking game, neat.
    And this is different from poker, as the skill in this is also deciding what card to play (although less options compared to other trick taking games), where as in poker the skill is all either statistical knowledge about cards, card counting and reading your opponents. I susect I'd much prefer this!

  24. All the restrictions are annoying in trick taking games. If you can’t make any decisions then the game is just who has the best hand not who is the best player

  25. Sounds a lot like whist… but with a few extra rules.

  26. Nice "Like Tears in Rain" reference with Blade Runner happening in November of 2019 🙂


    Do you just play with 2 players with 1 chip ante every time?

  28. A wonderful explanation, I'm going to play this game soon with some friends and now I know what I'm doing so thank you, you have rightfully earned a subscriber

  29. My favorite game of the hundreds I own is a trick taking card game called, Trix (or Trex). It's a variant of Barbu and very common in the Middle East. The French brought them Barbu when they occupied Syria, and they streamlined it into a perfect scoring, perfect trick taking game.

  30. This game has similar mechanics to the italian game "Bestia", since you already reviewed an italian game you may try it out!

  31. I need that deck of cards. Where can I get it!?

  32. fucking love that Windows 95 ass Shirt, that It's An Hour And A Half Past My Lunch Break And I'm Destroying Freecell looking ass

  33. "Have to play a card that will be winning" is a terrible rule for trick taking games. Removes too much choice.

  34. So basically Euchre with betting and a card exchange element.

  35. how does it work to challenge a player who you believe didn't follow the rules that force cards? many trick-taking games, because of their popularity and age, have multiple variants with rules that already take into account that a player will try to cheat (truco comes to mind).

  36. you should check Tute Cabrero! it's the Fox in the forest's grampa, 2 to 6 playes 🙂

  37. By the look of that plaster, Quinns must have been taking 'Fury of Dracula' way too seriously.

  38. This is very similar to a game in Portugal called "Lerpa" (which seems a conjugation of the verb "Lerpar", which is colloquial for "to die"). As a kid, I clearly remember my grandmother bragging on numerous times about having won a bit of money playing this in her brother's house.

  39. Will you be covering "Big 2"? It's like trick-taking using poker hands.

  40. It sounds like a lot of fun when playing at low stakes, but without pot limit, it's basically the concept of any degenerate gambling scheme boiled down to its most elementary parts. Probably why it's popular with multimillionaire athletes tbh.

  41. Hey, I grew up playing Bourré with my highschool friends in Mississippi! Weird to see on SUSD honestly lol

    I'm sure I'm the 500th person to suggest it, but you guys should check out Cuttle. It's like MtG but with normal playing cards.

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