Can I Learn to Like Card Games? | Digimon: Digital Card Battle Retrospective -

Can I Learn to Like Card Games? | Digimon: Digital Card Battle Retrospective

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Well, I’m not a fan of card games, but maybe this old PS1 game can change that? Only one way to find out, let’s learn how to slam down cardboard rectangles in Digimon: Digital Card Battle for the PlayStation.

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  1. First video of yours I watched Wayne and loved it. I love the physical Digimon tcg and play it a lot. I have a wonderswan Digimon card game in Japanese and I couldn't figure out anything but I think I'll find a copy of this one you played and give that a jam. You made the game look so much fun

  2. And there is an actual digimon tcg and it plays nothing like this

  3. If anyone is interested in making a guide, the card fusion system is simple.
    The type of card you get is determined by what you choose. 2 card of different colours will give you a third card of a specific colour.
    2 cards of the same colours or 2 options cards will give you an option card.
    The sum of the total exp value of the card will determine which card you'll get, each specific exp total value having a pool of cards you can get which have at least 1 card but usually more.
    Also you can't get the card you fuse so the game will give you a card from an adjacent card pool if necessary.
    Also, the highest exp value card you can get from card fusing is Yellow Banana which is busted because the effect is basically "I'm not dying this turn." 😛
    The digimon card with the highest exp value is WaruMonzaemon for some reason, thus fusing two of them will net you a Yellow Banana but exp-wise that's overkill.

    Also, if you play the Japanese version, in some of the battles, song from the Anime will play like Butterfly, Braveheart and Target.

  4. I love this game. I've emulated it a few days ago and am having a blast revisiting it. I don't know a whole lot about the Japan only prequel, but I know that it has a… very questionable version of Agumon.

  5. I absolutely loved this game. Played it a thousand times

  6. I never understood the card battle game in this, but the one in digimon world 3 I spent WAY too much time on…

  7. Glad to know that there's another game that pulls the Psycho Mantis trick, and it's a Digimon card game of all things. What a world.

  8. Bro i still have this game to this day and will always be my favoite game !!!

  9. I've finished both campaigns (you get a really cool reward for V-mon!) and I have never skipped a single battle animation. I really like them.
    This is literally my favorite Digimon game and I've played it for the first time as an adult.
    And I'm also so happy you've got to see that final twist unspoiled!
    Amazing review Wayne!

  10. i picked this and Rumble Arena up in a pawn shop one day. some of my best finds ♥

  11. I super want that playstation game drawer…. I must find it, and buy it

  12. Man uploads this on the same day I completed my first card game 👌 👌

    Granted, it was Ape Academy 2 😂 🙉

  13. This sounds really fun I would love to try this out one day

  14. I remember playing this one without knowing what to expect and loving it. I'm not much of a card game guy, but this one felt so good to play. Glad to see you visiting this one, I'm looking forward to the next reviews!

  15. Yoooooo, I love that new intro card. Gives me Jet Set Radio vibes. Honestly never been a big tcg guy but this was still a fun watch

  16. Come play the digimon tcg with us, we don't bite 😛

  17. I love these retrospectives of Digimon games. These games are some of my most nostalgic moments. Cant wait for DW2 and 3!

  18. I hope you make videos on the other Digimon world games, ESPECIALLY Digimon World 4 cause…that game…was…something to say the least

  19. Wow. I knew there was a Digimon TCG but this one is different from the one I played. Still looks pretty neat though.

  20. He yet lives! Glad to see a video of any kind on here again 😀

  21. imagine Digimon World tamagotchi format but this game as the digital card game mini-game built-in would be really cool

  22. I looked up the price of that Omnimon card from the opening and nearly had a heart attack! Hoo boy. Glad you got your current PC out of it.

  23. Yes! Hell yeah, this was THE card game for me.
    thanks for making a video about the game

  24. Missed your videos man 💙 in the beginning you showed that case where you keep your PS1 games and woah I haven’t seen that since I was little cause my dad had those

  25. If the PS1 game is any indication, it's not surprising the Digimon TCG wasn't successful in the West. The game seems needlessly complicated for a children's card game. If anything, it seems like the kind of game that might draw some of the MTG fan base. Either way, with those two Wizards of the Coast behemoths hanging around, Digimon TCG didn't have much room for success

  26. Keep in mind that this game also had some serios competition from the Pokémon TGC Gameboy game which was really good, even if it only had the base set and a couple expansions, plus a few extra cards. Now they have the Pokémon TCGO, but imagine a fully-realized Pokémon TCG game that included the decade of Pokémon cards it between. I would have loved a Pokémon TCG on the GBA or DS. WHY WON'T YOU LET ME GIVE YOU MONEY, NINTENDO!!!

    On a related note, the eShop is now officially dead, and, for some reason, I couldn't even use the shop cards directly other 3DS leading up to the shop's imminent doom without jumping through a few hoops. Nintendo seriously has issues with making easy money.

    Not really a related comment to Digimon, I know, but I just had to vent somewhere.

  27. 8:58 I've never known anyone to actually call it the 'cross' button, no matter how much the Colonel from MGS tries to push it on me.

    Kind of makes me want a little extra scene where Snake and the Colonel have an argument about what the button is called.

  28. 23:13 My name sure does sound nice in these credits, and so can you!

    Sorry for the obscure Colbert reference. Does anyone else miss the Colbert Report?

    On a related note, I'm just as much of a "doctor" as Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, but at least I don't prescribe sketchy medical treatments.

  29. So I never played this game, but I did play some of the og card game when I was a wee lad, and seeing those cards and hearing the original anime theme lit up my nostalgia neurons.

  30. A wonderful and surprising (thanks to "A") follow up to your Digimon World video (I never knew there was a Japan only card based version of DW1 either!).

    I'm eagerly looking forward to your next video!

    If Digimon card battle sends you down a rabbit hole for video games based on card games as well as trying out physical TGC's… Probably a good idea to NOT play the PS1 game "Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories" from how wildy unfair and different it is from the actual Yu-Gi-Oh card game 😅

  31. I keep forgetting this is the 2nd game in the saga, wonder if anyone has mad a translation patch for the first game, I'd love to play it

  32. I play this game for 6 hours today, stucked at analogman and then was able to beat him thanks to the yellow cards special effects.. haha

  33. was able to beat their 3000 HP monster with my 600 hp monsters with special effects…

  34. Great video! Always wondered what this game was like.

  35. The only card game I know how to play and can play is Snap. 😆

  36. Saw you upload and suddenly my pants were open.

  37. Dude we got the same old digi cards. Amazing

  38. I want to give you the most sincerest congratulations and fuck you for pulling that Omnimon lol

    Good luck with the channel

  39. This game is one of my favorite Digimon games, and one of my favorite PS1 games in general. The game mechanics are ideal for a videogame, it's strategy based even with all the RNG involved, and the battle graphics are really great for its time.

  40. I really hope you do digimon cyber sleuth one day

  41. Aw man, that intro with DW2 gave me hope. It's my favorite of the old Digimon games and I've been playing it recently because a new complete overhaul mod just came out and remade the entire game. Looking forward to seeing a video about it!

  42. Killer review. Now do Yugioh forbidden memories 😅

  43. One of my and my brother's favourite multiplayer games since we were kids – we're still dueling decks we've had for decades (yeesh) now. Lovely to see it get such a thorough and genuine appraisal on here. Inspired us to have a few more games too!

  44. It's one of if not my favorite Digimon game! I remember getting it from like a Babbages back in the day as a teen, without a manual, used and for only 6 bucks…

  45. Digivolving a weaker character card to a stronger character card makes me think of how leveling up worked in the old DBZ card game. You start at level 1 for your character and gain Anger through card effects. When you reach 5 anger, you reduce your anger to zero and change to your level 2 card. Depending on the version of the game, you could potentially reach level 5 for certain characters.

    The game certainly had more going for it than I'd anticipated it would; I usually find these kinds of things tend to be insanely difficult and generally unrewarding, but I'm glad the Digimon crew got this one right.

  46. Thank you for making this video. If you’re ever interested in learning new card games I play most major TCGs and you strike me as a fellow midwestern fella. Lmk if I can ever grab a game

  47. The new TCG is really fun! You should definitely give it a shot.

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