Can you solve this 150 years old puzzle? #shorts -

Can you solve this 150 years old puzzle? #shorts

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Saddle the horse puzzle –

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  1. "A cow can jump over the moon, 🐄 🌙 but it ain't got anything on us jumping the sun!" – the riders probably 😂

  2. there's no way horse run like cat/cheetah posture..

  3. to arrange sounds to me that you'd be allowed to hold the riders piece into the air that it fits.

  4. This one is the best one I've seen.😮

  5. Wow , you break my head bro 😮🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. I solved it in a different way tho… it takes perspective…

  7. This is actually a good puzzle. I call cap on it being 150 years old but if it is then it's telling on how complex yet stupid today's puzzles are while this one actually does the job

  8. 1/4 of a second of the solution so you gotta watch it again to pause. god i hate shorts

  9. My only problem with that puzzle is that the horses, in the solution, are running all wrong

  10. Nice but I mean, ppl would get there just via trial and error… once you start to play with it, you’ll solve it in 30 sec just via brute force

  11. I’m sure Japan isn’t as dumb as most companies in America, they’ll know that this stupid ESG isn’t gonna help pay the bills 💵

  12. Please, just show us how to solve the puzzles. You’re goofing around, showing us how not to do it boring and not funny. You’re a puzzle solver, nit a comedian.

  13. Im starting to notice a lot of puzzles require to be rotated to the right 😂

  14. Not suprised. Other wise youd have to people sat on top of what looks like horses that have drowned

  15. Clickbait: Gets discovered 149 years ago
    Puzzles 150 years ago:

  16. I mean, some would consider being under the horse to be the best riding position

  17. How did he get that puzzle from 150 years and its still shiny as new? 💀

  18. yeah sure thats how you solve the puzzle, but what about those lines that still connect the two horses under their bellies even after you solved it.

  19. Why this illusion is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Bro I'm a kid and I totally get this so much😮😮😮😮

  21. Чел у тебя ломаный английский

  22. I was actually thinking of putting it that way but my brain tells me it wouldnt make sense.

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