David Monteiro Productions
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An Original David Monteiro Production

A special thank you to my crew and all involved: Michael Brouillard, Tala Sonallah, Sam Monteiro, and Archy

All scores are original sounds and melodies, created by Michael Brouillard

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  1. Watching again rn, this is so fire, I don’t think y’all know what’s coming in cars games pt.2, this story is honestly so grabbing and I can’t wait for part 2 of card games, one of the best short films I’ve EVER watched… says a lot

  2. My dudeeee this is so fire. I really enjoyed the story, so much so that I want to know when pt 2 comes out ASAP. I have seen my fair share of student films and I have to say this has to be my favorite. Well done!

  3. my, guy. the creativity for this was great. You can tell there was thought put into this.

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