Card Games : How to Play War -

Card Games : How to Play War

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War is a simple card game played between two players in which the deck is divided, and the player who ends up with all of the cards wins. Play War, a game in which the higher number wins, with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games.

Expert: Windy St. George
Bio: Windy St. George has worked at Games of Berkeley for eight years. She is an expert in all types of card games, board games, tabletop games, RPGs, and miniatures.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee


  1. I think it in this game doesn't matter, A is still the highest card

  2. does anyone else see the pot leafs to the left of her head?

  3. Thank you for that really helpful demo!! Really helped us in finding a card and very simply explained. Thanks a lot!

  4. My sister an I play this game a lot, and it usually lasts us about an hour. I was taught to remember how many to put down (when the sane cards come up) to think in my head "I-de-clare-WAR" and to put 3 down and the WAR one up

  5. I haven't played yet but how can one player end up with fewer cards (the winner)?
    Both sides are contributing the same number of cards.  I can see the one collecting the most cards the winner.   Nice presentation, Wendy.

  6. Haha thanks!!!! I use to remember how to play this but forgot!! Been so long.

  7. what if you both call war but one player only has 3 cards left? does he put 2 facedown and the third one face up? or does he just lose because he runs out of cards?

  8. b** get a life but I'm still giving you a thumbs up

  9. I like how she unevenly divided the deck right after saying "Divide the deck evenly" XD

  10. Fucking stupid bitch would the ace be higher than the king or lower ?

  11. Great video! I got some mini cards from my toutoring class and you get points. (Yes I'm dumb) and I chose them, so now I can play!

  12. Easy just shoot enemies until they defeated lol

  13. who needs to know how to play war? its the easiest game to play

  14. I remember when two times I had all the Aces

  15. i wanted to play with my little brother and forgot how to play thank you

  16. this is useless to the human society           LOL

  17. loser of the war takes off their shirt

  18. Why not also try our new card game Kastles – Medieval Mayhem. Happy to send you a free pack if you'll review it?

  19. My grandmother taught me how to play this game when I was 7. I then taught my cousin and he fell in love with it. He calls it a classic. Thanks for posting.

  20. Thanks so much, by watching the video it was too easy to understand.

  21. I thought the card game War was a war between America and a country.

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  23. A version of War I like is to split the deck into equal strength red and black suit piles. Each player can choose from any of the 26 cards in their pile and determine whether its best to present a low, medium or high value card when drawing face down. Aside from the obvious desire of wanting to present the higher card on a typical draw, a weak card like a 2 or 3 or 4 can be strategically important when you think your opponent will draw a strong face card or ace, thus making him waste his high card on your low one instead of on one of your own high cards. This reduces his chances of winning more rounds. Any matching cards on a draw would be withdrawn by both players for another round and new cards are drawn. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the match Note: In the event of a tie, each player can retrieve the 13 winning cards ( keeping the red and black cards separate would be more convenient) and continue playing with them to finish the match. Another option is to remove the number 2 card from the red and black piles before the match so that you play an odd-numbered 25 round match. This can also be played as a solitaire game by playing against the red or black pile and drawing off the top card.

  24. I think this video would have gone over better if the dealer actually shuffled the deck. Remember people, when playing card games, give the deck a good shuffle or two, and possibly a cut.

  25. Until now I've only been playing go-fish with my kid and was looking for how to play this. Thanks!

  26. i just came here because Bob told me she explains it much better.

  27. i just came here because Bob told me she explains it much better.

  28. What happens when you have a match at the end but both payers are out of cards….. Just happened to me we just left that number on the take and just counted the cards we won

  29. YES! This is the way i know how to play. Not like others using 4 cards faced down trying to win a WAR.

  30. War I play war everyday it's a fun game to play

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