Card Games in Video Games 🎴 #shorts #videogames #comedy -

Card Games in Video Games 🎴 #shorts #videogames #comedy

Thomas Sanders
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  1. I put 50 hours into AC Valhalla and played one game of dice. Because I had to

  2. Skylanders mastered the card games with sky Stones

  3. Me who’s plays Skylanders Giants and knows what skystones are.

  4. Practically the same thing with the riddler trophies in the Arkham series, they’re cool to get just tedious

  5. I would rather rip off every single one of my fingernails then even consider playing Pazaak from Kotor.

  6. Sometimes the card game's are actually fun-

  7. Gwent and Caravan were so annoying idk why they just filled me with rage I killed most characters I could ask to play caravan with

  8. Have you ever tried the hero colosseum yet

  9. The opposite of Monstermon from Kindergarten 2

  10. Bro what about the skylanders card game

  11. Shovel knight king of cards belike:

  12. What the hell is up with all these games adding random ass board games

  13. The random card games are always my fav part

  14. Then you realise the cards gave you either a ridiculous amount of xp or a powerful item

  15. This guy definitely cursed the Inscryption game

  16. Makes me think of Skystones Smash from the Skylanders games. I am the king of that game.

  17. I absolutely love Gwent and I will die on this cliff

  18. Ok, most rpg card games are ass, but lets be honest, final fantasy has had some good side modes throughout the years

  19. Except gwent was so good they made it a game on its own

  20. “I know you’ve dealt with this incredibly gut-wrenching story but like… Wanna play some Gwent?”

  21. Yeah but the Skylanders card game is peak

  22. This reminds me of horizon forbidden west, Witcher 3, and splatoon 3 for some odd reason

  23. Me playing sea of stars and ignoring the gears game

  24. I love card games so I’d be down for this lol

  25. My initial thoight was Skystones from Skylanders Giants, and honestly I kinda liked skystones

  26. This was me in New Vegas, but I was the opposite on Witcher 3, I love a round of Gwent

  27. If I wanted to play Uno, I would play Uno

  28. Me discovering assassins creed

  29. cyno would like to know your location

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