Card games on motorcycles -

Card games on motorcycles

Emily M
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  1. In 2025, it will be…Card games on space shuttles

  2. Alright, so idea. For police reform, we change out all police vehicles for duel runners and build our criminal system around this.

  3. Card games on motorcycles that's the best thing I've ever heard

  4. Jack: crow lets play cards while standing completely still ON. THE. GROUND!!!!
    (Yusei wakes up)
    Yusei: oh thank god

  5. this is how we know this guy a legend cause people still search for this in 2020

  6. People laugh so hard at the idea of card games on motorcycles, that they seem to forget that the very first design of the duel disk made a battle look like card games on Beyblades…

  7. Does anyone have an actual duel disk? My buddy and I have motorcycles and we wanted to make this a reality!

  8. Anyone wanna remake this in the comments?


  9. Why does Abridged Crow sound like Abridged Mokuba

  10. I just spent one minute and thirty seconds listening to the same line over and over again.
    And I don’t regret it.

  11. It is 2021 and we STILL don't have functioning card games on motorcycles.

  12. Why has SMG4 not make a parody of this in a Ssenmodnar video yet?

  13. Next up, the meme video is almost the same, but non-YGO characters will be replaced by YGO characters. Like Luna, Mai Valentine, Yubel, Téa Gardner and Alexis Rhodes.

  14. Card games on motorcycles Probably the most stupid and dangerous Concept ever to be thought up by humans and yet they make look so cool

  15. People: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event.


  16. Card games on motorcycles.

  17. Syrus: card games on MOTORBIKES!
    Me: you ruined it, you ruined it and I’m leaving.

  18. CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Motorcycles are cool and all, but hear me out: Card games… in space!

  20. I like the part where Linkara says "Card games on motorcycles."

  21. I liked the part where they said "Card games on motorcycles".

  22. Hey everyone, did you hear that?! Card games on motorcycles!

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