Card games that cured my shingles -

Card games that cured my shingles

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Ok that outro was meant to be a lot more EPIC. You win some you lose some.
Card games, yeah, i win those. dont ever attempt to challenge me unless you want to get stomped.


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  1. Anyone used to watch Idubbbz when he would play Overwatch with a new mod like every week. Those were good times

  2. The way Ian just doesn't use this at all is kinda sad
    If he ever does come back to this
    He should play overgrowth, and Minecraft

  3. I don’t know about other cards games, but I play Pokémon tcg online and you can play the same deck 10 times in a row and every time will be different because of the wide variety of opponents. Also you can only have 4 of a card with the same name in your deck so how you manage to set up your win condition can vary a lot as well.

  4. Do you know how like when ur watching a video and it starts promoting a game and you skip all of that? This video is only like that paid promotion

  5. if you are tomothy play heroes of camelot the art is beutiful but the gameplay is shite

  6. I could not appreciate it when I was younger, but the way you speak the truth is great! Thanks for the content 🙂

  7. Imagine uploading 4 videos and getting over 800k subs

  8. Why the fuck are you wearing s beanie in a living area 🤦‍♂️

  9. Imagine thinking Slay the Spire is an ugly card game when Dream Quest exists.

  10. Ian what the hell did you do to the old gta vids ?? They were funny, I loved 'em.

  11. Oi dickhead, come make another gaming video

  12. I was rly hoping he'd talk shit about mega aswell, not just showing the scorpion 😭

  13. try monster train if you haven't its pretty cool

  14. crunk is basically the mono red players on mtga

  15. Shout out to the krunks that I piss on in every mmo

  16. I was excited when I found out idubbz had a gaming channel because I thought I had more content to watch BUT THERE RE ONLY FOUR FUCKING VIDEOS

  17. i have no idea what you’re talking about or have any interest in this but i want u to get your bag

  18. We all know that our boy felt cute with a bit of hair sticking out of his hat. You can tell he keeps styling it, because after every cut on him his hair that's sticking out goes from loads of hair sticking out, to a bit, and then back to loads again. I wear my beanie the same way and I always have my hair sticking out like that. That's how I noticed it.

  19. We need more Subrosa videos. Stop Ignoring the truth Ian

  20. im fold over with forskin just so you know idoobz

  21. definitely a mix between a tomathy and a crunk. Im a gay man and i like my golden hearthstone cards, but i also like playing fairly competitive decks

  22. When will "Yu-Gi-Oh Card Stuck in My Asshole" by Ian Carter be released?

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