Card Games Tier List -

Card Games Tier List

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First actual video of the year, hopefully you guys enjoy this ranking of card games
P.S. – Thanks for the support on the last video

– All Games Used within Video –
Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards – Synapse Game
Artifact – Valve
Cozy Cards – uheartbeast
Card Crawl – Arnold Rauers
High Stakes – Krystman
Patient Rogue – watabou
UNO – Ubisoft
One Step from Eden – Thomas Moon Kang
Legends of Runeterra – Riot Games
Shadowverse – Cygames, Inc.
Elder Scrolls Legends – Bethesda/Sparkypants Studios
The Solitaire Conspiracy – Bithell Games
Hearthstone – Activision/Blizzard
Kards – 1939 Games
Shroom and Gloom – TeamLazerBeam
Magic the Gathering – Wizards of the Coast
Inscryption – Daniel Mullins Games
Slay the Spire – Mega Crit Games

– Music –
Kainbeats – Lonely views in the park (Ft. Refeeld)

Fets – Death Bed

Dreweybear – I hear you calling

Kainbeats – Sunrise Meadows

Kuku – New Horizons

Jonah Senzel – Deathcard Cabin (Reprise)

Lena Raine – otherside

– Timestamps –
00:00 – Intro
01:12 – D Tier
04:03 – C Tier
08:04 – B Tier
14:32 – A Tier
19:22 – S Tier
21:25 – Outro


  1. So cool seeing Shroom and Gloom in the A Tier!Thanks for playing!

  2. card games are actually fire, glad you did a video over them

  3. Take a shot everytime Gemen says "good"

  4. Can't fanthom how awesome Gemen is at conveying emotion

  5. You always make amazing content, keep it up!

  6. gotta love the amount of effort he puts into these videos

  7. first video in years and its a banger

  8. Tier lists are always the best to watch on a Friday afternoon

  9. Honestly everything was fine with this list until you put Uno in B tier, which is obviously an S+ tier game

  10. Thanks for putting High Stakes on the list! Looks like it is in good company!

  11. If you did more tier lists I wouldn't mind

  12. Just coming back to see a bunch of developers in the comments, nice job 👍

  13. Haha. Back in 2015 you were my best friends 4th subscriber.

    Glad to see your still posting every now and then. 🙂

  14. Wait, so Solitaire Conspiracy is actually below Solitaire even though it Is Solitaire with a story, lovely graphics and other gameplay options…say what?? 🤦‍♂️😆👍

  15. U should really play more runeterra
    Don’t think of it as a LoL card game
    Its just a card game
    A really good one
    The one that makes you think alot

  16. Review: (puts mic on his lips): the game is…..aaaaa its a game, it you know its… thats all it is to it. The gameplay is nice, i mean its nice, not too bad but not too good, its okay its like, its like, like a game ya know. This actually doest have a purpose like, its like, without purpose ya know but its a game you can play, so its a playable game so thats nice i guess….. yea, yea… The next game is a great game actually but yeah its like it is, its a game also… so its good but a little diferent so its almost like its…. its something when you play but its something else, yeah like yeah….

  17. Hearthstone visuals better than runeterra? Outdated as fuck… wtf. Lets not mention the pay to win aspect but even gameplay wise legends of runeterra is more complex and involves more skill than dumb hearthstone.

  18. Hearthstone in a tier but lor and gwent in b ???

  19. I hope noone watches this and goes "wow I should try hearthstone, and not gwent or lor…"
    Edit: omfg!!!!! Magic is in A too!!???!!?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Pleas, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIMMM!!!!! (Unless you're also a whale and are okay with spending 500+ dollors…)

  20. Putting Uno in B tier is hilarious. It feels wrong but when I think about it… You're right lol

  21. i love hearing this man talk about cards -tyler

  22. Magic: The Gathering, the actual game (not the computer version) is the definition of S Tier.

    So Gwent is like Yu-Gi-Oh!: it's good in-universe, but shitty IRL.

  23. This one step from eden game looks great. It basically copied the Megaman battle network from what I can tell. @chat, should it maybe have been a or s tier ??

  24. Yup, new player to Shadowverse and can confirm, the VA is fine sounding but sometimes it dips. Its kinda like Hearthstone VA lol

  25. How about Horus Heresy Legions? :}

  26. It’s good. Good. It’s good good.
    Very good. It’s just good. Really good. Good. You know it’s good. Like really good. Really really good. Good good good.

  27. What platform are these all on? And is this still accurate?

  28. i got ascension during the steam summer sale for like 3 bucks. It is one of the best card games i have ever played. you can play online and offline. you can play with 1 bot, 2 bots, and 3 bots. the UI is actually pretty good.

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