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Aron Headbutt
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sakura didn’t believe in the heart of the cards


  1. オチは何となく読めたw

  2. I somehow doubt Sakura would be salty at the loss, she would admire Rin even more than she already did for assembling full exodia

  3. E assim começa uma grande amizade

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong this is fate series? Right? Wtf is Yu-Gi-Oh cards doing in that scene? Is this legit?

  5. If I was in Rin's place, I'd not given a fuck and just had thrown all five cards of Exodia down the instant I ended up drawing the fifth card and destroyed that smile completely with a sinister smile on my face… Yeah, I'm evil when I play Yu-Gi-Oh. Deal with it.

  6. I would concede if I were Rin


  8. Yugi would be proud of that girl in black's hand.❤😊

  9. Poor soul, her opponent inherited their granpa's deck

  10. Bitch, you can’t just someone a blue eyes.

  11. She's a Kaiba.

    She just Normal Summoned Blue-Eyes White Dragon without Tributing.

  12. Waitt that has to be fake right Its not really yugioh cards?

  13. Sakura: I summoned blue eyes white dragon. Yes I am going to win
    Rin: it is true that your blue eyes is strong but I have good cards in my hand. (reveal all cards in her hand) Appear now! Exodia! Oliberate everything!

  14. "I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it."

  15. What's the name of the anime ? it seems interesting

  16. between lookimg at her hand and summoning blue eyes u gotta ad a 2 hour long combo

  17. 間桐行きをかけた運命のデュエルで草

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