Card Magic: Can I Cheat in Latex Gloves? #shorts -

Card Magic: Can I Cheat in Latex Gloves? #shorts

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  1. Guy, you really are the best I have ever seen, like I genuinely think you are in another league to any of these cars trick sleight of hand shuffle experts. I have seen most your vids and every time just gets me real good. best there is imo

  2. I'm curious why you pretend to have so many haters? All I see in the comments is amazement! Or is that the trick, convincing people that no one believes you?

  3. Question due to the video ending. The other cards in that pile 5-4-3-2 of diamonds? 😅

  4. My favorite magician of all times. Jason is the true definition of Card Magic. No one else in this world can do the things you do, Sir.

  5. I just found your channel and I’m amazed. I don’t know how this donation stuff works so i just donate here. Can you try this:

    Roll 4 dices 3 times. On the third time there are for example 3-5-1-6 (order doesn’t matter, 1 = ace). Do a casino shuffle and make sure that the 4 cards on top are the numbers from the dices. All 4 cards hearts.

  6. Jason, serious question. Has any potential rich homegame runner, or even lower end casino ever contacted you to cheat? Or, alternatively, since your face is too public at this point, do you think there are card mechanics as proficient as you who are hired to cheat home games or some casino games for a lot of money? Id imagine if you had chosen to go to the "dark side" you could be making substantially more money, do you think this happens? And, if so, how extensive do you think it is?

  7. Heres an idea for your next trick. Break both of your elbows and wrists, put latex gloves on by yourself, blindfold your eyes, and do this same trick backwards. Then ill be impressed

  8. Can I hire you for a high stake poker round as dealer?

  9. Do 2 tricks in a row, with a time on

  10. Second best trick i've seen done with latex gloves on. How's your auntie doing btw? lol jk

  11. I was so ready for that to have been 5-4-3-2-1 … of diamonds!

  12. Can you do a casino wash for 1 minute, 3 shuffle and control every ace

  13. when people think the dealers in vegas are just normal people and you can actually win there lol

  14. Alright, now do it with any cards!

  15. Not sure if you've attempted before, but can you do these if another person shuffles and cuts then hands you the deck?

  16. You'd be more popular if you weren't a prick. Just sayin.

  17. A man who owns that man decks of cards should be able to do it without hands and make someone else do it for them just through instructions without them even knowing it 😂

  18. Sooo I got poker game this Friday… how about becoming the all time dealer that night? :d

  19. Use an automatic shuffler, casino wash, shuffler again.. and then pick them out.

  20. You just got lucky 🍀. Just kidding, I’m not that stupid 😂

  21. Wohoooooooooo this man his been called by HBO MAX!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  22. The number of decks of cards behind him is all the explanation anyone should need. Guy has put in WORK.

  23. Gosh damn Jason JUST HOW DO YOU DO IT!? 😂

  24. You should have someone else shuffle your cards buddie

  25. I don’t care what anyone says, or how you do it, I have never seen anyone so insanely sick with the cards! Unbelievable!

    Anyone with negative comments in any of your videos are people who are just hating on you, period. Unreal.

  26. This is how a poker a cheat ring is started.

  27. I bet you 200$ you’ll take my mom out for dinner and then never call her again.

  28. “Best bottom I’ve ever seen… Your sister, I mean” LMAO 😂 Tremendous.

  29. Imagine what a computerized card shuffler can do. 😅

  30. So those packs stacks behind him are not contain cigarettes 😮

  31. I figured it out, he’s looking off screen because he has a monitor on his left hand side and a camera pointing up from his lap so he can then see the face value of the cards as he shuffles so he know which one is the ace card when he needs it…

    Yeah, I got it:)

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