Card trick? -

Card trick?

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Dad and I did this trick to my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews over the holidays. Not super hard to figure out but fun when people don’t see it coming. :). Merry Christmas!


  1. Id like to this time to wish you all a merry christmas …heres to many more 🤘🏼😋⭐⭐⭐⭐🎉🎄

  2. Awesome general! You just got a week off from the kid.😅

  3. I was watching he didn't do anything with the cards after he stacked them

  4. He’s a god damn wizard !!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Hahaha a week ha okay its a dirl 😂😂❤ hehe tat wors fast😮

  6. WTF… card tricks always get me. And since Dad did that one!!! EPIC kids!! Cheers 🥃! Need to hang with Dad for a couple hours

  7. The General had that extra twinkle in his eyes when he confirmed "for a week?" LMAO.

  8. Damn!!! I just love this man! Wish he was my uncle. I would have bothered him every single day.

  9. Total scam…. Kid won't dry up and blow away for a week… No way !

  10. Abracadabra in the background, exellent choice.

  11. Straight gangster now leave pops alone but first fetch him his cigar and a bottle of his favorite scotch and a class & some distilled water.

  12. Abracadabra playing on the music in the background is so very fitting

  13. Wow …. great card trick.
    Your dad is a proper dad. Treasure that man. Learn from that man.
    You only get 1 dad !!!!

  14. Awesome, Merry Christmas to you and family keep up all the great wisdom and advice

    ( to be left alone for a week )
    Gen X Dad for the win !!

  16. I watched that 3 times and still can't figure it out. 😅

  17. I would have killed to have a man like your pops as my own father. Same goes for your ma. Appreciate them while you can, boy.❤

  18. One week starts now 😅 … Merry Christmas genx fam

  19. Happy Birthday!! 🎂🥳
    You must be the youngest… cause, I got the same thing on my 18th! 😅😂

  20. Yeah, but the young man never said which week,did he??? Lol

  21. Wait a second. I saw the deck scatter. How did 1 unnamed card get into his shirt pocket? Damn good trick though

  22. He knows how to do it right 😂😂

  23. Dad is lucky if he get a day peace in that promised week

  24. gen x … we have skill sets beyond your understanding

  25. I bet he won't.😂😂❤

  26. I’m a boomer and I think it’s great

  27. Pops is a warlock! Nuff said….. now give that hard working American a week off..

  28. How did He do that?????? Okay English professors. If you're supposed to capitalize I because you're important, shouldn't all personal pronouns be capitalized? i.e. You, He, Her, She, Him, and I guess They? So that it matches I? What's going on with that instruction English? It looks funny, but I've been capitalizing because it doesn't make sense.

  29. I just want you to know that not all Gen X'ers are as crabby and unhappy as your dad (I am a fellow Gen X'er)

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