Cards Against Humanity but it gets dumber every minute -

Cards Against Humanity but it gets dumber every minute

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  1. More! More Cards Against Humanity! Invite Vanoss next time!

  2. Some Rez humor with skoden and stoodis

  3. As a native American I approve this 🤣👍

  4. I didn't know that insulation had glass in it until like a week ago… I'm 21

  5. LMFAOO all thos skoden memes are classics in my city

  6. contrary to what most comments are saying, the saying skoden and stoodis has been popular among native american/canadians long before that reservation dogs show. It started from people poitning out that we often shorten certain words or phrases, it event6ually made it onto a meme of some random drunk old man holding up his fists. Apparently, the old man in the photo has since passed away. Still, its pretty neat to see aboriginal humour making it into one of your videos

  7. I wish I could type how hard I'm laughing right now. Where you could hear it in my voice. Considering where I live in the U.S., I didn't know a damn thing about Skoden Stoodis! IT'S CLEARLY FROM MY PEOPLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  8. I'm surprised the editors don't have a support group chat at this point its been going on for years the abuse on the editors is unfortunate

  9. The stoodis and skoden parts I couldn't breathe

  10. Saw a tiktok of the SKODEN/STOODIS content lmaooo omg you got us ndns all happy

  11. this video somehow found a way to devolve and progress at the same time and I approve. I would leave a like, but no foot fetish

  12. It's been a while since a Cards Against video

  13. Show of hands who was crying of laughter after 50:00? 😂
    🤚 me 😂

  14. Show of hands who was crying of laughter after 50:00? 😂
    🤚 me 😂
    I peed my pants 👖💧😂

  15. I'm pretty sure horse juice is the most expensive liquid in earth, not just of all baby batters

  16. I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time I hope you keep doing Cards with the goons mate

  17. I never thought the two groups I watched through high school, would finally collab on something.

  18. im so fucking happy that rez memes are making it to here man STOODIS SHÍ AK’IS NOGLA AHO

  19. As a indigenous person from Canada the Skoden-Stoodis ending had me legit in tears 😂 my stomach I can’t 💀😆😭😂

  20. I'm part of the rez in AK, and the terms "Skoden" and "Stoodis" were WIDELY used. For context, they are a saying for "Let's go then" and "Let's do this". Very popular in the Native American community.

    EDIT: These terms are still being used

  21. Lmao I’m dead 😭


    Nogla’s an honorary cuzzin now 😂

  22. Please do more videos with goons they’re so fucking funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. that yummy card was so good at 28 minutes in the video.

  24. God bless you and your family, sir. Thank you for continuing to provide me with joy for 7 years.

  25. Hey Nogla, remember the watermelon shrek that flexs', it said "Wife died of pancreatic cancer"

  26. I love that they didn't know who Lionmaker was. Like it isn't just allegations. Lionmaker was actually convicted and served time for cp and having a relationship with a minor.

  27. This was some of the funniest work you've done nogla. Been a long time fan and I love what you've been uploading on here. Keep up the great work

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