Cards Against Humanity in 2023?? -

Cards Against Humanity in 2023??

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Bustin out the ol’ reliable.



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  1. My reaction to Tuna Queen was very similar to Angela's. May have to call in sick to work because laughed so hard.

  2. Watching Arasha swap out cards they don't like for new ones fills me with rage.

  3. this was way too hilarious! i love this group together! more cards against humanity please! angela with her "papa" line/voice was so funny!

  4. this just solidifies the fact that amanda is the ideal woman to me

  5. Aloysius Snapdragon Mcfisticuffs the Third says:

    When are y'all going to play Spyfall again???

  6. You guys need to play trial by trolley. It is incredible.

  7. Thank you for this video. Literally laughing induced stomach pains, it was that hilarious and amazing!!

  8. Let’s keep this comedy up, push the boundaries of it all like it’s 2015 baby!

  9. I haven’t laughed this hard in so long 😂 the pregnant clown

  10. angela "and that's what i call that bitch" line is easily one of the most unhinged things she has said or done since joining Smosh

    I adore her.

  11. cards against humanity but y’all have to act it out

  12. I remember playing this in highschool, literally during lunch and it was gambling

  13. @23:20 shayne and chanse both saying 'shit' at the same time uncensored was so funny to me 😭

  14. shayne was legit crying over the pregnant clown joke 🤣🤣🤣

  15. We definitely need a cards against humanity style T-shirt of “and that’s what I called that bitch”

  16. Im a returning smosh fan recently and whoever is doing casting last few years needs a raise Amanda Chanse Angela Arasha all hilarious great energy and uniquely themselves on top of that mesh with the older members so well

  17. For some reason, I believe that Angela and Tamara from Nostalgia Critic/Channel Asewome could be besties. They have similar energy 😀

  18. Shayne wearing a Broncos shirt and looking like a cheifs player in his points picture with that turtle neck is a contradiction….😂 but go Broncos! (so says my boyfriend 🫥)

  19. N̷e̲̅p̷̅h̲i̷̲̅l̷̲i̷̲̅m̷̲̅ says:

    We already need more of this. Holy crap I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. Needed it.

  20. Amanda has the same haircut as Courteney Cox in Scream 3

  21. ‘whats keeping dad so busy in the garage?’ mom’s friend carl

  22. ‘men like: bench pressing a horse 🙂 ‘ did you mean: barbie movie

  23. what were you hiding in Angela's hair????????????????????????????????

  24. I'm crying laughing over tuna queen. It has the same energy as lint licker. Hysterical.

  25. The best way of mixing packs is the black cards from the family edition and any white cards from nsfw editions.

  26. You should play kids against maturity too 😂

  27. TBF, Amanda wasn't fishing, she was milling

  28. It 100% is about knowing who's reading the black card.

  29. Angela and Shayne seem like they’d be siblings

  30. the way we play; at the end we read off all of our black cards, and respond ME! for every blank. So, your black cards describe your life.

  31. Angela, or SMOSH wardrobe, where did you get the Arizona Green Tea CREW???? I need one. I know its not on this vid.

  32. My friend brought cards against humanity to school one day and she had just finished talking about how she got all the bad ones out when I pulled, I don't know what my mom's job is, but I think it has something to do with- buts of all shapes and sizes.

  33. Omg ok crying!! I really needed that laugh, thanks guys!

  34. Why are they so nice in this game? When I play it with my friends we try to be the most bizarre possible

  35. i see shane, i see arasha, and i’m watching the whole damn thing lol

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