Cards game (kitty party) fun game 😊 -

Cards game (kitty party) fun game 😊

Bharti Bajaj
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  1. sadabahar gane (सदाबहार गाने) says:

    Bahut ganda game
    Or tumhara btane ka tarika 3rd class hai

  2. Nice game 👌 can u please share if any group games means

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  6. Yaar bilkul bhi samajh nahi araha Bikar vedio he yay

  7. Ye kaise pata chale ga k queen main 12 number hain???? Kya ye cards par likha hota ha????

  8. Want to play this.😂 Isse seep kehte hai.
    Search how to play seep😂

  9. I can’t understand the game but the game is good

  10. I like this card game harleen kaur this speak 👌🏻👌🏻

  11. Ji please send me one minute game to play oo Ganesha

  12. You are horrible at explaining the game.

  13. M surely gonna keep this on my birthday 😀

  14. What is to be done if the counting of card is not equal to j, q, k??

  15. I don't get how we should make and make equal with

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