Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair -

Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair
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Casino game protection expert Sal Piacente reviews notorious card counting and casino game cheating scenes from films including ‘Rain Man,’ ‘Rounders,’ ‘The Sting,’ ‘Austin Powers,’ ‘Casino,’ ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ ‘The Cooler,’ ‘Runner Runner,’ ‘Now You See Me 2,’ ‘Shade’ and ’21.’

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Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

0:00 Introduction
0:39 Rain Man (1988)
3:12 Rounders (1998)
6:32 The Sting (1973)
7:59 Austin Powers (1997)
9:59 Casino (1995)
11:01 Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)
12:29 The Cooler (2003)
14:31 Runner Runner (2013)
18:25 Shade (2003)


  1. This guy w is a real card mech….a real pro.

  2. I'd seriously like to know if GQ break down and VF expert reviews are competing with each other or both decided to do the same thing?

  3. Card counting is not cheating. Casinos want to fleece suckers. That is their only purpose.

  4. So … a lot of cheaters have to be magicians it seems as it's a lot of slight of hand

  5. The Now You See Me thing… is cardistry (what some special magicians do). It's possible but they did the long travels with CGI since it is less likely. But it's not what most card cheats would just do.

  6. 17
    Hit me
    You have 17 sir
    I like to live dangerously
    No soup for you!!!

  7. This guy is amazing! He should be an actor.

  8. This was a super interesting video, I’ve been learning cardistry and saw the mechanics grip would be a giveaway because it’s very useful. Even a cheeky flourish like a one handed cut you can peek at the bottom card.

  9. My only useful knowledge about gambling games is to know i should never play one ever. It's something at least. Happy to be shown i wasn't scared for naught…

  10. I think I'm going to stick with playing UNO LOL

  11. This guy is amazing, and his wife apparently also know that racket xD

  12. 9:18 or when you play with the same old worn cards and you memorize them. Back in school i remembered the cards in the deck we used to play with, even made a few myself. I never flaunted it, so i won every other lunch money. Like the expert said, keep it smart.

  13. "Your player is too good for us. You will need to play a different game." Right so you don't want me winning too much and I'm better than most of you guys any ways. Maybe I should be the one running the Casino lol

  14. I've played poker for a living and worked in a casino. Everything he says in this video is SPOT ON. Best demo of sliding dice I have seen. Even showed me stuff I wasn't aware of.

  15. The dice in Runner, Runner at clip end, background dice has 7 Dotson right side with 6 on top, 1 front facing

  16. When he talks about the scene in 21, he's 100% right in that the movie was trying to keep things simple for the viewer. The book that 21 was based on, which was based on a true story, goes into all of the details about True Counts vs. Running Counts. Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. Read it in high school and it's still one of my favorite books.

    The splitting 8s scene is a HUGE scene in the book, so I'm glad that it made it to the movie.

  17. oh come on buddy GAMBIT the s@#$ out of them cards….make a video I believe you can do it with practice….great video imma watch it again then see if i can take down the house my 1st try IM A GOD HAHAHAHAHAHA lol JK

  18. haha your card counting was fake, bull and crap, we all know they use special decks that change the face in the shoe, but you could count cards better visually, just see in your mind all the numbers grouped and when one is decked remove it dont count just see the cards laying there

  19. because they change the cards in the shoe, you can never validate, truely fair casinos would display which blackjack cards are in the deck and which are used. they would win more? or you could modify the rules a bit to make it fair. but we all know the casino is the cheater literally changing the card that you would have gotten

  20. also the staff is all paid as a per cent of profit, so they are all against you, they want you to stay and play and lose. tips are thier icing. thats fine, ban tipping then. make the games us vs them … poker ante and take is ridiculous, just make a dollar a game … thats how the casiono would be paid. ante is not strategy its another scam like double zero

  21. the best way to cheat is when the dealer tells the players the cards and gets big tips, they can hear? it proves what i said about other things, they can change dealer hold cards mid stream

  22. magnetic paiint dots, magnetic zones some players are cons and they throw the die at the spots at high bets also, pulses can encourage any dice roll, its how the casino cheats not the player, good luck changing dice on the casino. and how do you control the mag table?? come on guys you are worse than the insurance industry

  23. Is anyone else still trying to figure out how a chip in a shoe can watch a game above a table and count cards like AI. But really tho.

  24. Remind me never to play cards with this guy, or his wife…..

  25. I've never felt more dim in my life. I feel like with a deck of cards, this guy would have my kids college fund in 15 minutes…

  26. he's last joke reminds me of another one
    Can a woman make her husband a millionaire?
    Of course, if he’s a billionaire.

  27. It's nice to hear someone say that remembering what cards have been played isn't cheating. Perhaps the next step is reminding students they're allowed to remember what they've read?

  28. i’m only here because i have original characters that are in a casino setting.
    also because i was always interested is this kind of stuff.

  29. just clicked in my head that 777 is a lucky number because a legit die should have opposites that add up to 7

  30. This guy is so entertaining. I was't surprised his wife has the same interests for card games.

  31. He clearly hasn't actually watched oceans 13, those dice aren't magnetic

  32. "Sir, I saw you on that youtube video. You can play any games in the casino, except cards. All card games are off-limit to you." 🤣

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