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CASINO ROYALE | The Poker Game

James Bond 007
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Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) takes measures to try and get Bond (Daniel Craig) out of the card game in CASINO ROYALE (2006). To make the poker game look realistic the cast were given lessons in how to play Texas Hold ‘Em which included the correct way to hold and protect your cards. They would also play for two or three hours after filming had finished, sometimes with real money. “I’m sure there was a lot of money lost on that set,” said Daniel Craig.


  1. Did they put Vaseline on the Lens for an old school Soft focus?

  2. The New Q would not have given Bond these gizmos. He would have given him a smartphone to call home 😀

  3. Shouldn't the title be "first half of the poker game?

  4. Great acting.
    But, I am sure that in real life the use of that device would have been rehearsed.

  5. shocking your heart before it stops isn't going to keep your heart going, its going to kill you.

  6. Always been a fan of Bond but after watching this movie I was a whole air conditioner.

  7. Yes, I completely agree with you. However, says:

    His martini was never poisoned, it was simply stirred, not shaken.

  8. 2:55 Bond's been poisoned, he's goin into cardiac arrest

    M: MY BABY!

  9. The technoLogy bond used, is that LogicaL ? Or existed in reaL worLd ??

    How he can un_poision is his body, by doing aLL those things?

  10. Lets be honest this has to be the greatest Bond movie, by far my favorite, with Skyfall.

  11. What a woman!!! what a bay!!! literally an angel!!! Next life she's gonna be my ally partner and wife ~~~~~~

  12. Casino Royale was my favorite recent Bond film

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  14. 1:25 Le Chiffre's face is like "What's wrong Bond? Do you feel good?". And Bond's face is like "oh fuck… what did he put on my drink?".

  15. That last martini: I’m bout to ruin this man whole day

    Bond : ohhh I’m sorry that last hand nearly killed me

    Martini: am I a joke to you ?

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  17. the villain who looked like Vladmir Putin!

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  19. The Daniel Craig bond movies have had literally some of the most fantastic actors of our generation cast as the villains. Combined with Craig's charm, you have my favorite Bond.

  20. جيمس بوند. ( لا وقت للموت ).

  21. 2:13Goes to show how F-Ed up rich peeps are. He almost got tan over, and ABSOLUTELY no asked if he needed help

  22. James Bond cars used to be fitted with rocket launchers, jet engines and parachutes. Now they have an on-board defibrillator, which he can't even use without the help of a hottie. Our civilization is ripe for harvest.

  23. Mads Mikkelsen has way more charisma than bond.

  24. Mads mikkelsen as Moon knight would've been an interesting casting choice, me thinks.

  25. What card then he fold when bond raise

  26. I think Casino Royale had some of the best scenes out of the entire Daniel Craig saga but Skyfall is the best overall movie.

  27. None make sense . Because customers never seat closer where for employees making the food or kind of drinks. So customer drop bad drop into it is not make sense . I agree this is the film but at least acting has a little make sense in the fact

  28. Before anyone else comments, don’t spoil NTTD!

  29. Who can top this man as the next Bond? I say no one! He's the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.

  30. Anyone here after watching the new movie?

    I never watched Bond films until Daniel Craig came along. He hooked me in and attracted my attention; ever since then, I have loved every bit of his movies. I love that depth he brings to Bond's character and that part of humanity in him.

    His movies literally changed the face of Bond movies. The cinematography, the action sequences, made the movies way more darker that it ever was. Loved how in the end of the interview Daniel talked about rarity of James Bond movies. You've added a part of your personality and life to the cinema history, Mr. Craig, and it is a valuable input.

    Thank you Daniel Craig. Thank u for great movies like; Casino Royale, Skyfall and NOW No Time To Die; my favourite Bond movie/ any movie of all time. I'll miss you being my James Bond, the one I grew up watching and still do, reminiscing how cool you are all while still looking up to you. ❤

    To whoever is the next James Bond they have got huge shoes to fit in. This gent has been the best Bond ever. His Bond has taken the films into the stratosphere. I’ve loved the series since I was a little and cried as No Time To Die ended. Oh my days what a guy.

    Daniel Craig’s time as Bond is already over… 5 films…. 16 years….. where did those years go?! He’s been fantastic as Bond. ❤❤❤❤❤

    Daniel Craig has been my personal favourite James Bond, he’s set the standard really high for the next actor whoever they might be and I hope that the film is as good as I’m hoping that it will be. If I ever get to meet the bloke I’ll be sure to buy him a drink or ten to say thanks.

    Daniel Craig excels all the James Bonds and brings it to this whole new level. This man made a whole new world with his time frame and the position he was in while playing James Bond. Daniel Craig is the absolute epitome of any actor reforming, improving & developing a movie to a 110% piece of work; always going above and beyond all expectations. He truly brings the movies to the top. Thanks Daniel Craig, Ml to my hero Craig… Daniel, Craig 🙂

  31. Eva Green sitting like that 1:06 looks like a renaissance painting.

  32. Don’t hide ur scars.. we’ve all lost.. let’s settle down.. we have a new monetary system in place..

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