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CASINO ROYALE | The Poker Game

James Bond 007
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Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) takes measures to try and get Bond (Daniel Craig) out of the card game in CASINO ROYALE (2006). To make the poker game look realistic the cast were given lessons in how to play Texas Hold ‘Em which included the correct way to hold and protect your cards. They would also play for two or three hours after filming had finished, sometimes with real money. “I’m sure there was a lot of money lost on that set,” said Daniel Craig.


  1. Surely it would be weird if he died at the table though…. with so much money involved?

  2. Nice scene. Instead of being poisined, According to Ian Fleming's original novel, Le Chriffre tried to kill Bond by throwing a bomb hidden in a handbag through a window of the Royale where Bond supposed to be seating for diner with Vesper, which they failed.

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  5. Does someone kow what poisson that was supposed to be?

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    He real Angel✨💫 🤔

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  9. Why couldn't the more recent Bond movies match Casino Royale?

  10. So I take it Bond forced himself to throw up to buy himself some time.

  11. imagine if these clips had any meaningful amount of volume.

  12. When the frozen martini is stirred, not shaken

  13. If Le Chriffre hadn't given Bond that smug, gloating look, he may not have realised something was up until it was too late. Again, the villain's ego brings him undone.

  14. At 0:38 you can see that Le Chifre had folded K2 of spades. Have to watch 0.25 speed. Your welcome 🙂

  15. Ive had Panic attacks a lot, mainly during or shortly after extremely stressful times in my life, and this scene is the BEST i can describe the panic of feeling like you cannot breath.. it might just be in "Your Head" but OH BOY it doesn't fucking matter. ive dealt with Hyperventilation for over 8 hours before.. after you finally do calm down, it feels like you was just Assaulted Physically and Mentally for 2 or 3 days. not something id wish on ANYONE.

  16. till this day, im still wondering how James Bond managed to button up his suit when he ripped it apart during the procedure

  17. LOVE this scene but unfortunately the clip ended before my favourite bit when he saunters back into the game cool out!

  18. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time. I enjoyed it a lot when it came out but I am only now realizing how good of an actor Daniel Craig is. If someone told me to act like I’ve just been defibrillated after being poisoned i would probably just look like a fish out of water.

  19. It is the reason why BOND IS alive just because of Vesper !

  20. I know one thing with this movie, James Bond know how play poker and people can poison him until death, risky life

  21. So that's Jeff Bezos, William Gates, James Thompson I'm helping. 007. RM X

  22. 007, all presidents and tgaotu. Love you. X

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  24. Why is Bond seemingly cured from the poison simply because of a defib?

  25. I must admit daniel graig my favourite bond he bought an edginess to the character bond

  26. Can someone tell me why he drank the salt?

  27. Mads did such an amazing job, made Le Chiffre all that more iconic, that death stare! Such an amazing actor for this role! Casino Royale is my favourite!

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  29. Still wonder why Mads Mikkelsen almost play character that must have something in his eyes

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