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Celebrations Card Prices are Crashing! It’s Time to Buy NOW! (Pokemon TCG News)

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Celebrations is an awesome set and if you ever want singles now is the time to run! Come see!

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  1. I think a lot of people are cracking open their UPCs to grade the metal cards with CGC. Think that could be affecting the market?

  2. Surprising. Celebrations is the best pack for farming currency in Live.

  3. The only thing I liked about celebration was the promos lol, the rest of the cards sucked tbh

  4. I don't really see why Celebrations has much value anyway. It's got really nothing that's playable outside of Flying Pikachu, Oak (who is just a reprint of Prof Research, but Oak), Yveltal, then nothing. Hell, some cards like all of the cool promos like Hydreigon C just straight up AREN'T playable. Even so, most of the set are just "rare" cards that you can complete the set of SUPER easily, and the actual cool cards are what, FA Oak, Mew, and Charizard? This set, while a cool concept to reprint some, no pun intended, legendary cards, but outside of maybe 3 cards, there was never really any value to begin with outside of some of the promos.

    Even with as horrible as my local Walmart is, being the ONLY place in my town that sells cards, even just a month or two ago I managed to buy a Dark Sylveon V Box, and there were TONS of Celebrations. I think that since it got so reprinted recently, which I haven't seen anyone talk about, the prices are tanking. I'm personally fine with that, the most expensive cards I've got are the gold Mew and Umbreon Gold Star, but I'm planning on keeping them for my personal collection because they have more sentimental value to me than monetary. Hell, my favorite card from the set is Delta Gardevoir, which I have, and even if it SOMEHOW became a $100+ card, I wouldn't sell it due to personal value.

    Genuinely, I think the most expensive cards here are going to be the Gold Card Promos. If you WANT to plan for the future for investment reasons, (which I personally hate), Charizard, Gold Mew, Promos. Those are what I think are going to sit at the top, prices will probably go back up in like, 1-2 years at most. I'm hoping that they don't, at least not more than maybe +$10 a card, but who really knows. Just collect the cards you love and cherish them.

  5. Not everything is for everyone but some things are for some people your opinion will always be yours though

  6. Everyone worrying about crown zenith ! Fine by me 💪

  7. This set was the most underwhelming set of the year, so not surprising it's crashing to the ground. People were buying it because they expected a repeat of the previous celebration set

  8. I’m missing the Gardevoir and the Mewteo from the classic collection to fully complete it, sadly they both seem to be £10-20+ each in the UK

  9. Noticed this as well while looking at celebrations prices on TCGPlayer. Really surprised just how inexpensive some of these have gotten and will be interesting to see how long they can last around those prices. A base set venusaur is still an amazing looking card and for 4$ I don't expect them to last very long at these extremely low prices. Especially the cards selling for less than a dollar. I wonder how much it would cost to put a serious dent in the supply of Claydol or Imposter Professor Oak.

  10. I really love celebrations. I'm glad it was printed to demand for the fans! I just wish there were more UPC boxes printed 😅

  11. I literally watched a video from Danny phantump yesterday saying the exact opposite… apparently celebrations in on the rise?! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

  12. I was hoping that the Mew gold card would come down a bit more… I’m collecting all the gold shiny cards and they’ve all come down nicely except for the Mew..

  13. Don’t do this to me Ross. I need a few more classic collection in the coming months but can’t do it now 🙃

  14. But yet the etbs are near 100 usd and the cards aren’t worth much 🤦‍♂️

  15. The English version isn't doing well right now

  16. Celebrations is my favorite set, now I can complete my binder!

  17. Who honestly cares about this trash scam mini set?!?! The prices are probably still unaffordable, even if they are "crashing"

  18. The cheap cards have been cheap for quite a while

  19. IMO TCGPlayer prices mean really nothing. 99% of the listing have no pictures so you're taking a gamble if its even a NM copy.

  20. already impossible to find in canada. Time to become a whale for birthday pikachu. At the very worst, it can just be a slightly expensive birthday card I can give to friends xD

  21. much like how you decided to do a donphan binder. i did with flying pikachu and surfing pikachu vmaxes

  22. I wanna tell you that you’re a world treasure. Thanks for your channel! God bless brother

  23. One possible reason why Celebration singles are going down due to an increase of excess singles flooding. Since CGC found a way to encase the gold cards and keep them from chipping, collectors and investors want to grade them to get the few 10s currently out there. Also, Pokémon packs in general are being bought and the general market is drying up, a reason why CZ and CR are going up in prices. Couple these two, people will go back to where the feel good pulls and sets… Celebrations!

    Despite singles are crashing…. this is good for sealed collectors and investors. As they are out of print, the numbers are declining. The power of supply and demand.

  24. I just bought almost the whole set.. I still need a few cards. I saw how low they were and I figured I'd complete the set now. Still need the zard and mew

  25. Good thing my gold mew just came back from PSA a 10!

  26. Fiiinally I get to cop my shiny mew ! Been waiting for this. Getting a 3 piece.
    Great content wossy !

  27. Anyone else not able to find CZ anywhere in stores? New stuff just released and I hit 7 big box stores. Not only were they all out of CZ, they were bought out of basically everything. 7 stores and I got 2 pikachu v boxes. Invest in CZ.

  28. Don't like it..this is crappie..i say if you miss it you freak'n miss it! It's the way with everything else in the world! Be it a collector, fan,player or scappler hustler gangsta cap peeler! Lol it SUCKS!

  29. Missing 3 from classic collection to complete the master I haven't pulled, looks like I'm going to get in singles 👍 thanks

  30. danny just made a vid saying they are going up

  31. celebrations is an overrated set, there i said it. its cool but not great. hence why the UPC price has hardly climbed since it came out

  32. Never opened celebrations. I picked up a 50/50 master set on ebay a couple months ago for a good price but I'm working on finishing the last couple collection boxes for everything

  33. Im wondering if you can add some kind of dark mode to the video? I already watch like 3 videos in the night and my eyes are crying… I usually watch the videos arround 2pm and never note it… Thank you always for the information

  34. Now I can grab as many as celebrations pack as my wallet can afford 😍
    I've bought celebrations legendary cards packs from Lugia to Mew online (from out of the box). And it sold me for just $3. It's bundled btw

  35. Ok great so who wants to sell me a celebrations Zard? 🙂

  36. Yeah I am also missing like 4 or 5 cards so I need to get on that too!! Even though I love to open up celebrations but the pull rates are hard to pull that I have gotten 3 Venusaur 2 Charizard 1 mew gold 1 Umbreon gold star 1 or 2 Blastoise and everything else I got 4 to 8 copies of besides the Mewtwo ex the donphan prime the m Rayquaza ex and the tapu lele gx and that's out of a couple hundred I would say booster packs! So yes I think I will buy the last 4 I am missing!

  37. They might be down trending but grading wise they are still good because most of the quality of celebrations has been good overall

  38. Lots of reprints and sold in small collection boxes but not many

  39. Okay but who doesn’t have these cards already 😂?

  40. Celebrations got me back in. Still got like 7k of it sealed.

  41. Where would be the best place to buy from?

  42. The best set since Cosmic Eclipse/Hidden Fates. I've been loading up on Birthday Pikachus and Shining Magikarps. SUCH good-looking cards in person.

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