Chaotic the Trading Card Game is Coming Back - Fire and Stone Set will be released first -

Chaotic the Trading Card Game is Coming Back – Fire and Stone Set will be released first

Chaotic Futures
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  1. It’s a slow return but obviously there’s something happening

  2. I hope show returns back
    And just hope the ones who return it won't be Disney, WB or Nickelodeon (not mostly, but just in case not them as well)

  3. About when should we expect to see packs in the stores and the website/mobile game up and running? I’ve been champing at the bit to get back to my old account (PLEASE LET US HAVE OUR OLD ACCOUNTS AGAIN!!!!!) and I want to know!!!

  4. Is there a timeline on the return of chaotic?

  5. ooooh pain I remember my parents said no to a younger me when I saw a chaotic pack…12 years ago maybe? it was…the AU XD 600 pack once 4.00. pain lol

  6. I hope volcarv and draggen come to real chaotic


  8. Can't wait I am totally gonna buy the sets to get more cards for my deck

  9. I can’t really read the cards you show at the end, to blurry to read

  10. Awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh the chaotic card game is coming back boiiiiiiiii

  11. Having every card currently in sleeves waiting for next release.

  12. I actually have 6 cards from fire and stone. 2 Bodal: flamedrill researcher, overworlder Bidua, underworlder Cyrenox, attack card Emberwhip, and location card Silchaw's mine.

  13. If old shows like this and Huntik made gacha games they’d be raking in cash im ngl

  14. I have Arctus courtesy of chaotic singles and Cyrenox thanks to bulbastore as well. I want a whole bunch of cards from Fire and Stone. When will the cards come back and the tv show I spent 100s of dollars building my own Overworld, Underworld, and Mipedian decks so that I would be ready to play when they come back

  15. The best show ever hope it come back and they sell card again

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