Charlie Morton, Yandy Diaz power Rays past A's in WC game | AL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Charlie Morton, Yandy Diaz power Rays past A’s in WC game | AL Wild Card Game Highlights

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Condensed Game: Charlie Morton tossed five strong frames, while Yandy Diaz and the Rays crushed four home runs to defeat the Athletics, 5-1

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  1. Lord have mercy this Rays pitching is unreal

  2. MLB should have thr wild card round the best of 3 anyone agree?

  3. Texas Rangers 78
    A's 97
    They played one more game than the Rangers.What a waste of a season.The Rangers were sorry from the beginning and still sorry.What happenes to the A's every year?

  4. That's right, that's right!

  5. Charlie Morton=California dream crusher. Go Stros

  6. Your title shouldn't give away the result I was watching the recap to see who one.

  7. If the Yankees don't go all the way, would love to see the Rays do it.

  8. The real test in the Astros. The pitching in those games is going to be awesome

  9. Let's hope Ray's fans show up at Tropicana field!!🤔🤞🙏❤❤

  10. Just a sad performance by the A's. Really wanted them to move on but knew it wouldn't happen. I thought it would've at least been a little closer. These 1 and done WC games should be a series of 3.

  11. How have i not heard about the rays bullpen these guys are dirty

  12. I can’t believe the Rays won. Just can not. One of the best teams (A’s) in the majors got beat by the lowly Rays. They will be eliminated by Houston in 4.

  13. As a Houston fan I'm kinda happy about this. Towards the end of the season it seemed the A's were getting better and better with their matchup on us. Time to go big 'Stros!

  14. A’s just chocked when they had runners in scoring position

  15. What if the Rays are like the Columbus Blue Jackets in the playoffs sweeping the Astros

  16. I went to that game and I cried I hope Houston smashes on Tampa

  17. It looks like the Athletics ate too much peanuts before the game!

  18. Call me salty all you want but I think that umpire was horrible

  19. Raaays UP!! I Love Tampa Bay we are picked to lose in every sport and always the underdog…. always disrespected. So when something like this happens its that much sweeter. I need my game 3 tickets

  20. Even though I hate the rays, coming from a Yankee fan they better beat the astros because the rays will be easier to face than the astros. I am not worried about the rays.

  21. Who was the young woman who sang that super fantastic National Anthem at this game??

  22. Rooting for the rays cuz I’m scared of the Astros 😂

  23. We need an A's Cubs interleague wild card to see who chokes more.

  24. Imagine getting people on base every inning but not winning haha plus like 8 singles

  25. I can’t make it to game 3 but I’m for sure gonna go to opening day to see that banner reveal go rays

  26. thank you Tampa for making me money last night !! easy cash at +124

  27. Those A’s jerseys are really nice, especially with the stirrups

  28. If that was Not the A’s Ace then what the Heck was he doing out there starting? Way to go RAYS!!!

  29. Ray's are just going to be bait for Stros

  30. Los Oakland Athletics no estaban listos para enfrentarse a un equipo poderoso como Tampa Bay! Los rayos tienen una mejor oportunidad de vencer a los Astros que los Atléticos. Al atletismo le encanta ahogarse en los grandes juegos. gracias a dios no soy de esa ciudad. Identificación siempre estar decepcionado.

  31. usually young stars dont play that well in their first post season game. Matt Olson Matt Chapman and Sean manea. the athletics will be fine for the future

  32. Never thought I’d see so many people misspell choked. It’s choked not chocked. And the A’s didn’t choke they never had a lead

  33. The Tampa Bay Rays of Montreal beat the Chokeland Gays in their own stadium during a single elimination game. Shocker.

  34. Wow that place was PACKED. I didnt realize how much Oakland loves the A's

  35. The Rays win the privilege to be devoured by the Astros! 👏👏👏

  36. I’m I the only person that loves seeing the fans faces of horror when they team lose at home? 😂

  37. #1. Fact: KTVU News aired a
    Story of a Texas Billionaire
    Betting 3 Million on Houston
    Astros the morning prior to
    This game….
    A's were under playing; dizzy
    soft hitting… Pitching submissive.
    Someone needs to go to JAIL!
    3 Million? ;Public Dollars!?!

  38. Why Sean Manaea pitched in this game? Like WHY, why, why, …? Frankie Montas was the right guy, but maybe next year. A´s fans should be so frustrated now.

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