CHRIS MOLTISANTI - Card Game Heist - The Sopranos S03E12 -

CHRIS MOLTISANTI – Card Game Heist – The Sopranos S03E12

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  1. When the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

  2. This was the dumbest DUMBEST thing Jackie Jr couldve ever done. Such a stupid Kid

  3. When people add their own background music to scenes from the sopranos (and I understand it’s for copyright purposes) but it just shows you why David chase never put background music in the Sopranos other than the occasional classic rock ‘n’ roll track here and there. Actual background music takes the reality away from the scenes. They’re so much more poignant and dark and real when there’s no background music.

  4. Boy you’re a lame and a dreamer can’t be both you are 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🙏

  5. They should’ve left when they kicked in that door

  6. Jackie had it comin'. Just because his pops was one of the legends, didn't make him untouchable.

  7. Completely amateurs. They planned to rob Mafia guys and flee on foot. It’s a card game so you know somebody is packing.

  8. If there one thing a masterpiece like The Sopranos needs it’s a filter and a bed of royalty free music. Really brings it to 11/10…

  9. I think they would have been better off just giving the thugs the money

  10. Vc poderia traduzir as falas, por favor…

  11. Christopher slowly turning his head around was a great reveal and looked badass.

  12. Cómo me gustan esas balaceras en espacios reducidos. El cine tiene esa magia total, mueren otros y solo en la pantalla. En la vida real es otra cosa.😢

  13. Christopher might be human enough to fuck things up, but his smartness is totally umpredictable.

  14. It is bad and a half to realize that your own crew is robbing you.

  15. I don’t understand why there is gay porn soundtrack laid over the clip?

  16. The world is yours but watch how and who you fuck with young man listen and learn 😎

  17. That matush guy the driver was he like suppost to be retarded or something?

  18. true crime with microwave & babydoll says:

    What's this song called

  19. The way that they just execute sunshine with the three shotgun blasts to the torso always struck me as very dark and disturbing. Guy was busy quoting his favorite lines in history, and pisses them off and gets merked in the worst way possible.

  20. Christopher definitely had the making of a varsity athlete

  21. victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan…i cant believe that you left out my favourite quote of all the show

  22. Furio was elite should’ve never got rid of him

  23. If Chrissy hadn't became a junky, he would became the Boss one day!!!

  24. “He pissed on your leg
    Killed your deal
    And shot 2 made guys”

  25. Jackie was such a dickhead. Robbed people he knew, chris def recognized him. Opened fire just because someone walked in, when they had pretty much all the money. Gets both his friends killed and ditches the last one for dead.

  26. Should have tried hitting a fruit stand first, just to see

  27. They were playing a "stoopid ah facking game" anyways lol

  28. Jackie is so stupid, he shot the dealer because he thought he would recognize him 😂😂

  29. Chris was for sure the best shooter in the whole series

  30. Victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan

  31. I think what Jackie failed to realise was; When his fawtha and Tony done this to Feech, Tony's Dad was still alive to vouch for them.. Jackie had no-one. Imo he was a dead man, even if they had pulled this off without shooting anyone.

  32. There was no point in killing the guy at the end. Kidnap and torture him to find out who the gunmen where , now they have another dead body outside their illegal card game

  33. If Chris stayed clean he would have been the next boss

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