Combo Fighter Review - A Bruisingly Good Card Game -

Combo Fighter Review – A Bruisingly Good Card Game

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. “Fist class ticket on a bruise cruise”

    You guys have truly outdone yourselves.

  2. This looks fun but… I can't find anyplace to purchase it online in the US and there's not FLGS near me. Anyone have any ideas (other than "just get Yomi")?

  3. 2:04 Quinn opens his right guard to charge a punch, lowers his left arm leaving the face unexposed while at the same time advancing with his face first.
    The scene is for laughs and gigs, however that's the way to call for a hook out punch to the jaw. Don't learn martial arts from this, kids.

  4. Ben's eyebrows seem to have got stuck in the up position permanently.

  5. SUSD: Here is a review for a card-based fighting game!

    Literally everyone: YOMI

  6. Can you pls pls pls pls pls pls make a review of new boardgame: NARCOS? pls

  7. You should also try Way of the Fighter, EXCEED, Yomi, Sakura Arms, and Dragon Punch.

  8. I played it and….. to me its very much meh. The different decks attack, dodge, block numbers cause issues. As my fighter has 30 yellow cards in its deck and my opponent has 30 blue cards in theirs. I essentially lose 60% of the time before we actually flip cards. Its ok.

  9. I found it difficult to focus on the review as I was distracted by the prominent placement of Klax on Quinns' bookshelf. It's… unexpected.

  10. 10:32 Button mashing does not work in a fighting game if your oppononent is competent

  11. Real Figthing games are not about RNG. Also, yes Chun-li is pretty, no need to be jealous.

  12. As an avid fan of competitive fighting game and board games – this seems like a serious match made in heaven.

    Ah, so this is love at first sight. 😂
    Awesome review guys!!

  13. Would've been hilarious if after the "If you read your contract.." line, Ben had a black eye at the table. Great review!

  14. I absolutely love mage wars, its a shame that i might be the only person in Australia who pays the game as its impossible to find a game with another person.

  15. Oh man would I ever love to introduce you to "Final Round: Fight". One day…

  16. Nice little game. At the end that looks like Brighton.

  17. I had been designing a game JUST LIKE THIS… it was a boxing game and the game was a rock paper scissors style game. But that's where it ended… it was just rock paper scissors. I didn't think about the combo aspect or the damage taken being discarded cards. Well thought out. I'm glad it exists now! Can't wait to play it!

  18. Paul! Welcome back!!! I always wondered what he would look like without his beard. Not what I expected! Why are you going by Ben now?

  19. But but… what about Sakura Arms? (AKA the game whose 2nd edition has yet to be published outside Japan BUT that was translated by amazing fans).

  20. I want to play as Matt-Shulud. 😛

  21. This seems fun if I can con a friend into playing it

  22. I'm really glad somebody else had this idea. I repeatedly couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

  23. I really want to get me a copy but… alas it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

  24. You think if we comment enough his office will collapse and he'll try exceed? Lol

  25. Francisco Ferro looks just like Jason Stathum

  26. This game looks and sounds a LOT like Yomi. It seems to take several ideas/mechanics from yomi and it came out significant after it.

    Yomi is a very popular game, which Tom Vasel described as one of his favorite games ever. I think it's really a shame that you guys didn't even mention it at all in this review. It certainly deserves to have been mentioned here. Based on your reaction in this video, I think you will prefer Yomi.

  27. Button mashers don't beat competent opponents. Full stop.

  28. This game is sold out literally everywhere but Australia, and even there there's only 8 left. Does anyone know any other way to get this game, or if the publisher is every going to do a re-print? I want this game so badly.

  29. That dudes eyebrows are out of this world

  30. Quinn's was ready to rumble the entirety of the review.

  31. What I've gathered here is, neithert has played a fighting game before.

  32. Mildly disappointed you guys did not just have real MMA bout 🤔

  33. This honestly reminds me of card-jitsu. That game has a LOT of "they're going to play fire, so they'll expect me to play water, so they'll play ice, but they're experienced so they'll still play fire, but not experienced enough to go one step further and play ice again, so I'll play water."

  34. The most difficult part about making a fighting Game. Is making it LIKE a fighting Game.

    I'm trying my hand at it. It's both challenging and fun

  35. Quick! Post your favourite fighter! I only have the 4 pack so Francisco for me.

  36. Well… Playing a fighting game is basically a paper scissors rock games.

  37. I have never seen this other dude in another video by you guys that’s how bad Quinns beat him in Combo Fighter.

  38. you already have me at 5:40. I will now buy this game thankx

  39. 3:40 In all fairness, fighting games are basically Rock-Paper-Scissors: The Videogame, so if anything that makes it more fitting. And they're also very much not that

  40. Came for the fighting game based card game
    Stayed for the funny British dudes

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