Couch Skeletons | Card Games | How-To Play -

Couch Skeletons | Card Games | How-To Play

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Here is a cute little card game for two people that is highly portable. #CouchSkeletons #BoardGames #CardGames


  1. Great dad-daughter-duo video. Thank you both for sharing how easy to follow and play — I was on Amazon looking for stocking stuffers. Since Halloween is a popular holiday in my grandchildren’s home, this will be perfect. Keep up the videos of how-to-play interactive games. Much needed in this grandparent’s world haha

  2. Absolutely agree on small, quick games. I just don’t have the time right now for huge long games most of the time.

  3. Didn’t she break the rules on the first game by playing one higher to the side? I thought one could only play one lower to the side.

  4. 7:52 – so just to see if I understand this game.. He could have played the 7 on the purple 6 because it is 1 higher, the 3 on the purple 7 because it is next to the 4, and then the 8 on the purple 4 because it is next to the 7 and won the game, correct? I mean, instead of what he did…;)

  5. Deciding if I should buy this game to play with grandkids and found your video. This is the best explanation and demonstration of how to play this game

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