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Couples Card Games

Denecia Green
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Sexual Nirvanna

Reach “Sexual Nirvana” with your lover as you explore your sexual fantasies with the help of these card games. Play by the rules or use random cards to build a sexy fantasy night! Either way, it’s sure to expand on your fantasy wish-list!

Great for couples

Opens communication

Unique experiences each time you play

Great for Valentine’s, Honeymoon, or Anniversaries

Play by the rules, or use the cards to build sexy fantasies or dares!


  1. Her accent and facial expressions will make me buy whatever she is talking about

  2. I think I'm going to mix the command cards with the year of sex cards(draw 3 of each) to have points to hit in a session.

  3. Can you please link where you bought them?

  4. I will be getting these card games.. 😍😍😍

  5. Bae you need to hold a class In Jamaica cuz the women mi have cum cross is very tired and just not having it! LOL ….Love ur energy!

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