Cyclops Preview - Marvel Champions the Card Game -

Cyclops Preview – Marvel Champions the Card Game

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Here is my preview for the recently announced Marvel Champions hero, Cyclops! Part of the X-Men cycle.

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  2. Yah I’m still on your side with Optic Blast for actual gameplay. Love Jon’s comment about it’s thematic feel as the leader but it feels very very limited…..which is frustrating. Though this is with my limited knowledge of not thinking about all the other X Men heroes, Allie’s and cards that we’ll have that may end up being the perfect matchups and combos for him to actually be badass

  3. As much as I love my man Cyclops, I think FF is hitting a rut with ideas. I don't think that they're heroes have been terrible lately, but they haven't been as innovative lately. I think Gwen and IronHeart has had the best designs in a long time. To be honest, I don't see that changing much. I wouldn't be upset with them chilling out on content for the rest of the year after Mutant Genesis to bring more innovation to the game. I don't see that changing at all because I can imagine that this game is raking in a ton of money.

  4. I’m looking forward to Cyclops. 2 of my favorite Heroes in the game are Spider-Woman and Gamora. I like being able to break the Aspect rule. I’m also grateful of the timing of his release. The off aspect ability would not have been nearly as interesting if he were included in the campaign box. But, going forward each time a new hero is released, there will be added interest in the Allies.
    Enjoyed your video! Thanks for what you do to support MC!

  5. One thing to consider is it says an upgrade so if you happen to play someone who uses a lot of upgrades in the encounter deck those count also for his optic blast.

  6. Good points about Optic Blast, I think Cyclops is gonna be a "build" hero who is most effective once he gets his upgrades out like his Visor and Field Commander, and is really going to suck when his Visor is on the bottom of your deck. Similar to Hawkeye's Quiver.
    Regarding theme, I think they are really leaning into his Team Leader role by allowing him to go first and prioritize targets by placing his Tactic Upgrades on them. This allows you to guide the other players in what they target and play as a simulated "Team Leader". Obviously, this will be more effective in multiplayer as opposed to true solo but is thematic none the less. All in all, I am looking forward to Cyclops, I think he will have some strong burst turns. Thanks for the thoughtful video, I like it better than just saying: "Hey, here are the cards they revealed!"

  7. I said the same thing about miles when he came out. Only 6 cards in his deck that work with his ability.

  8. Solid review. I theorized on Reddit that the 1/15 Cyclops card is his Sig ally Jean-Grey/Phoenix but they didn’t want to reveal her ally until they reveal her hero. I also think they haven’t announced his nemesis because it’s Wolverine (and will have an interaction with Jean-Grey/Phoenix) and Wolverine hasn’t been officially announced yet.

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