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Dark Souls the Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Dark Souls: The Card Game.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


  1. in fact the sorcerer is very weak early, their spells deals 1 damage to hold onto the card or 2-3 damage to discard the card, he is more of a late game when you get aoe damage

  2. that moment when you got a wife and still play alone XDgreat game, great video!

  3. You're not "human" in the game. You're an undead trying to cling on to their humanity so they don't go hollow (feral). But that's just being nitpicky 😛

  4. Perfect timing! Hubby is OBSESSED with the video game, so when i let him pick out a board game he immediately chose this one. Havent played it yet, so im happy that you now have a runthrough out. Many thanks!

  5. You are not supposed to check the Treasure unless you are in the bonfire according to the rulebook

  6. Ugh. I wish they’d just go ahead make Dark Souls right. No box-o-minis and no card games with clip art symbols on them. Let’s have the Dark Souls Talisman already! 😇

  7. As someone who familiar with the series its good to see a card game based on a very good computer game, the art on the cards is astonishing , would call the game mechanism a complex one but it is playable, i like the way you present and explained the game and its features , explaining places and meaning. very good job , defiantly deserve a like from me.

  8. @25:38 "First of all, let's do the Swippy-Swap!!!" Hahaha! Love it!! XD

  9. Reminds me of draconis invasion .. this paying for cards using other cards is a mechanic i absolutly hate .. imo it doesnt work

    Also the downtime with that fighting grid seems brutal

  10. Are they planning on releasing a lot of expansions? For me this would make me buy the game. As it is, it looks very mechanically sound, and thematically way superior to a lot of games. The hand management makes more thematic sense in this game than it does in a game like Dragonfire for example, which is good, but makes absolutely no sense thematically. I really want to buy this, but I need expansions to really fall in love with the game.

  11. Hi Rahdo! If you don't mind me asking, do you shoot with your tripod setup on top of the table? Currently in the process of filming my playthroughs and I hadn't thought of that setup possibility. Would you mind sharing your camera setup for this video? I quite like your format 🙂 cheers and carry on the amazing content!

  12. Nice game but that colored icons are so anti-climatic. All arts is dark and wonderful and all that color flash your eyes out! :/

  13. question: if you attack an enemy does the armor of the enemy go down or does that enemies armor stay the same?

  14. Subtitle: Klingon? Member Star Trek? Yeah I Member!

  15. I am a little late to this party but I a convinced I am going to buy this game. Bye Bye wallet

  16. love the game but the DS on each card is overkill

  17. i like to buy this game with my imaginary money and play it with my imaginary friends.in all seriousness though, it would be great if they do a pc game out of this.

  18. Was that the Final Fantasy victory theme you sang after you beat that encounter?

  19. I don't know.. while I have played some games that use a Life Deck, this one… well how to put it… why would you spend 3 stamina to block 3 damage for example.. what's the benefit of that? You're literally taking 3 damage to prevent 3 damage. Sure, you might say, I needed to get rid of those to draw better cards, but guess what? When taking damage, you can actually choose to have the cards in your hand get dumped, instead of those in your life deck.
    Or for example, the enemy wants to hit for 2 damage, oh look, i have a dodge… which costs 1.. so im again paying 2 of my life points to avoid 2 damage. Horray it's like Pay this item for its full price.. and we'll give you the item for free.

    Even when attacking you're essentially taking damage, so you're literally bashing yourself against the monsters and hoping they drop first. Some cards have a really high cost keep effect, that it's better to just roll with a 1-time one for damage to self-vs-damage to enemy efficiency

    Now if there was a separate pile, for example, The draw, discard (that becomes a draw pile when the draw pile gets depleted) and the destroyed pile (where cards cards from damage go and can only be recovered by healing).. it would make more sense to block and dodge, though it would probably make the game A LOT easier, so major tweaks would be necessary to balance it out.

  20. I feel like you should of done a few more dry runs or played with another person to show how interaction with other players work out instead of playing for her and having to stumble over yourself

  21. so what would happen If a enemy tried to push you back, but all the back row is taken up by other players???

  22. My God I was trying to watch this to learn and the realized this guy is still leaning himself.

  23. Call it either a gameplay or a runthrough, don't call it both… Reported for misleading title.

  24. This is pretty informative, but you keep confusing yourself and missing things because you go so fast. Then when you try and go back and rethink things it gets a bit frustrating to watch you go back and forth.

  25. I'm sad that i dont have friends who would play this kinda game =( i Love all card games like this and especially as a huge fan of ds.

  26. my man how often do you want to explain the same fucking mechanic for the 200th time

  27. the way he handles the cards is just… insluting

  28. I lost it at : "this is Dark Souls – the Card Game".

  29. Are the size of the cards the same as Magic the gathering cards? Could you tell me the size of the board player.

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