Dealer Caught Helping Players Win ! #blackjack #online -

Dealer Caught Helping Players Win ! #blackjack #online

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#casino #shorts #blackjack

Bro switched teams 👀

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  1. Shit once his employer sees this vid hes gonna get more than FIRED…..sounds Russian so I'm guessing whoever runs this particular online casino isnt the most stand up of guys if u know what i mean, prob gonna see this dude missing on the news one-day

  2. So smart everyone snitch the guy out bet hes fired now smfh aint none them gonna wanna help us ppl put them on blast like this smfh

  3. I think the shuffler was in on it – she needs to be questions.

  4. "pretends like nothing happened" the guy froze completely and gave a guilty face to the camera…that's nothing?

  5. His dad was playing that night, making his dad lucky

  6. Btw: The Double Down winnings were taxed!

  7. its called a “hidden mistake”. it happens but you dont get fired from that. worst case scenario the hand resets

  8. Everyone is a snitch nowadays. Come on guys.

  9. Man. He couldve just switched the card with another one from the stack.

  10. Why do they look like they’re going to get beaten up when they do something wrong?
    What country are they even from anyway?

  11. I don’t get what he did wrong except for flipping the card over at wrong time

  12. Think it's staged. There is no one sitting at the table. The camera is just there nothing more

  13. He was making a killing off of tips. Then…you.

  14. You can tell it's so unintentional can't he just admit what happened and restart it ?

  15. Literally the show ma's go on 😂

  16. Lol its just a mistake. He’s not gonna get fired because of such a mistake. 🤣🤣🤣 its not a big deal, it’s not like the casino had a big loss of money because of that one round. Nobody gets fired over mistakes.

  17. Well if you were playing wouldn't you be happy that you did that?

  18. Now he got fired because the boss probably seen
    this video

  19. I can’t even see the # and i paused and shit the person playing def didn’t even see the card

  20. Why does it matter lol he gon still hit 21 outta thin air

  21. Look at him closely. Looks ai. Does it not?

  22. Помогите, я конкретно до конца не понял что тут произошло(

  23. Fun fact about online BJ. Somewhere along the way they will make their profit back from other losses

  24. All of you morons saying you’re just revealing this guy to whatever and getting him in trouble… all these things are 100% monitored 24 seven each individual hand each individual movement. He was fucked to the moment it happened.

  25. Dang this is the second video ive seen of the same guy helping players!?

  26. I would at least not say anything on the video cuz you almost can't even tell what it is

  27. Cant see what number it is. If it was shown then he prob got fired. Yet he didnt show the number or letter on it so how u say people know what it is😂

  28. This shit happens EVERY shift in a casino. It is absolutely no big deal. Where's the floor?

  29. Everyone that talk : " YOU got him fired " Is the same one who would talk people into stuff so they do that
    he got himself fired

  30. Knows he has a 20 but still tells people to double down

  31. Ive played with a lot of those dealers and in 2 weeks i caught 5 doing that, helping and saying people when to hit

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