Dealer Laughs At Players After Big Full Table Loss. CRAZY! -

Dealer Laughs At Players After Big Full Table Loss. CRAZY!

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  1. dude hit 13 against a 2 questionable but yeah her attitude sucks

  2. I think she didnt really grasp that they dont play with monopoly money but their own real money. She is a very pretty and probably nice person but not suited as a card dealer.

  3. Stop playing with these online Eastern Euro ripoff casinos!

  4. I’m a Dealer now as
    Of recently too but I genuinely want the players to win. 🥇

  5. Maybe she could make the players happy with the right BJ 😮

  6. Why dress like that ! Casinos are awful places to go to…..These days !

  7. Man people are getting softer by the day

  8. She never won in a casino so she became a dealer so she can feel like she’s winning

  9. You gotta be dumb to gamble I get her for laughing at them

  10. She won nothing and got complained and sacked 😂😂😂

  11. Imagine loosing 100k and hear "ha i won", pure evil 😂

  12. she dnt give a f, getting bent over on her lunch break so.

  13. I'd laugh too, if I'd see an idiot who continue to play after 5th loss in a row

  14. half the table played that hand wrong anyways they where all morons

  15. Today i learned bj players are very sensistive

  16. she just single handedly solved these players gambling problems😭😭🤣🤣

  17. she's like the evil villain from a James bond movie

  18. Doesn't she know she only gets tips when she loses? Players got the last laugh, sorta.

  19. How did she know 21 without looking at her cards

  20. Or… Believe it or not, some people get jovial over the smallest things. This person isn't evil considering gambling is, what, class?

    Not a sin, ha but would you rather have to gamble to eat or lose one hand in a luck-based game?

  21. Like i really love her smile thoughts i would have tip her anyways even if i lose😅😂😂😂

  22. Look on the dealers hand she swaps a card am sure she did

  23. funny isthat people do not understand that the dealer at black jack numbers the cards , u learn this in the dealer school.

  24. "Indeed! Smart betting is the key to unlocking those HUGEWIN opportunities."

  25. It's natural, women always love gambling with someone elses money

  26. And here she is laughing at other betting what she gaining in 1h ! Poor girl ! Get a Only fan 😂

  27. Damn, that was it?? They left cause of that?

  28. Thats dumb tho, everyone likes to win soooooo😂id also laugh tbh, people gotta lighten up. Players have every right to leave if they feel like it too, no problem

  29. Looks pretty center frame and focused… Calling shenanigans. This is staged or AI. Love the dealers in the background dealing nothing.

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