Deep & INCREDIBLE Survival Card Game!! | 1.0 Release | Card Survival: Tropical Island | 1 -

Deep & INCREDIBLE Survival Card Game!! | 1.0 Release | Card Survival: Tropical Island | 1

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Card Survival is a card-based survival experience. Stranded on a desert island you must use your wits and skills to stay alive. Use cards and combine them together to explore, gather resources and craft useful tools.

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Card Survival: Tropical Island is a card-based survival experience from the creators of Card Quest.

Experience what life would be like if you were stranded on a desert island, all in a card format.
Explore, craft tools and manage your needs in order to survive in this hostile environment.
Key Features
Simple but deep system: all interactions are done by using cards or combining them together.
Realistic Simulation: Fight dehydration, starvation, depression and more in a scenario where every decision counts, as dying means starting over.
Multiple endings: build yourself a raft to find a way back to civilization, make yourself a more permanent residence on the island or find one of the secret endings.

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  1. Yes!!!! It's back!!! This is one of your best playthroughs. Can't wait to see this run!

  2. It looks cool. Not too sure about the price tag though.

  3. I never used to like card/dice based games, but this is the second game in a row you have gotten me into (Thanks for Slice & Dice btw). <3

  4. We neeeeeeeddd ittttt!!! So happy this game is back on the channel, super love it!

  5. coming back and commenting to help out! I also feel accomplished when I play this!

  6. I loved the original series, glad to see it back

  7. Loving this one. Perfect game to be broadcast like you do.

  8. Man there was something special about that first play through you did in this game. It’s like the game was developed in a laboratory specifically for you to play it.

  9. Algorithm comment so this becomes and stays a series, even if I'm late to the start!

  10. Here's hoping another season of this game, enjoyed the first playthrough so much

  11. This is so exciting. Watched your full series last time. I cant wait for what's changed

  12. This was the series that got me into being a retro fan.

  13. Super exited to watch this one! Looked super cool back a year or so ago and now it’s even better!

  14. I never leave likes on videos, and I left a like on this video because I really want to see more of this.

    I know I’m a little late to the party. XD

  15. This game is wild complex mechanic, yet not to hard to understand, and intriguing. Enjoying the content, relaxing in a way. Lol.

  16. i bit late. i hop you keep it to a series.

  17. Loving the possibility of a second look at this series!!

  18. Hopefully not too late to comment/like. I did not get through the full series last time due to factors I can't even remember, but this has re-stoked my interest and I hope you can continue! 😄

  19. u r hot just wash ur self in the sea and u need big rock to sharpen ur stone, and If u let ur self so hot u will lose water

  20. Do a complete playthrough, please! Until you win, ideally!

    I love that you started a new series when the game was out of early access. There are many that only play games as soon as they are available, and then not when the game is really ready.

  21. Played this game a few times and I thought at first it was boring then eventually I realized how fun and a good way to kill time.

    Although RNG is always my unwanted friend at most cases www

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