Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2014 NFC Wild Card Game Highlights -

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2014 NFC Wild Card Game Highlights

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo leads his team on a game-winning touchdown drive late in the game and the defense stands tall in the final moments of a 24-20 win over the Detroit Lions.


  1. Lol And then they got screwed by the refs the next game 😂🤣😂

  2. Man I need to get back into football. I’m a Seahawks fan but I sorta stopped watching football in 2018. Even though I don’t watch it anymore, I still get sad thinking about the 2014 season. Russell throwing on the 1 yard line will always haunt me lmao.

  3. Why would the Lions punt on 4th and 1 after the no call

  4. Analyst crew such a mess here 👎🏻👎🏻

  5. That's y everyone hate the Cowboys, they get help from the refs

  6. Tony Romo just referenced this game on the broadcast so I had to come and check it out.

  7. Literal definition of 'Detroit vs everybody'

  8. And the Cowboys got screwed by the refs in their Playoff game vs. the 49'ers at home yesterday (Sunday 1-16-22.) Karma is sweet!!

  9. You honestly gotta feel for Stafford in this one. Played a really decent game. That missed PI killed their chances

  10. Just watched stafford win his first playoff game and I had to come back and honor his First True playoff win

  11. He Did it he finally did it he won a playoff game congratulations Matthew Stafford

  12. Lol cowboys got what they deserved this year! Karma came for Dallas, How does it feel? Lmaooo

  13. I can't watch that ending. It pisses me off. Dallas got some karma though the other day.

  14. Firing Caldwell set them back ten years. It's on the ford's. They are clueless. Just like with Miami did this year with Flores. They'll regret it too. Quinntricia was a dumpster 🔥.

  15. Detroit should have gone for it on the 4th and 1

  16. I miss when they used to talk over the game n the music in the background brings nostalgia😭

  17. This is why I will hate the cowboys for the rest of my life

  18. Far as I'm concerned this team is almost equal to the Rams that's going to the Superbowl this year.We got cheated

  19. That lions team had a way better defense than Dallas and many weapons on offense and they still lost.

  20. As a football 🏈 fan hate to see blatant miss calls like this the lions 🦁 should have went for it on fourth down to regain momentum

  21. 6:59 We not going to talk about the obvious hold the refs are awful the lions get screwed time and time and time and time again

  22. Colonel Yonders (カーネル・ヨンダース) says:

    Who's here after Stafford won the Superbowl ?

  23. Anyone watching this after stafford won the superbowl?

  24. Lions have made it to the champions ship game before just so you know they could have been there gain possibly they would have flagged the pi

  25. This game destroys the Dez dropped it debate

  26. The lions could have pulled that win out man we had a good chance to make Ito make it all the way

  27. And then the next day pictures of Jerry and that ref that picked up the flag partying on a bus together the night before

  28. Man that ref was paid by the Cowboys for those flags. im a raiders fan, and honestly lions deserved that win… im glad cowboys lost to us on thanksgiving and playoffs in the first round this last season 😂.. shoot we did too but they were a better team and still lost

  29. Horrible PI call. But the lions still blew this game. Plain and simple. Too bad too they were really good that year

  30. 5:00 holding on Suh. You knew they were turning up the cheatin on the Lions now

  31. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    Let’s go cowboys

  32. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    I’m Dallas cowboys fan

  33. I miss this form of highlights being posted to the NFL YouTube channel

  34. If Calvin Johnson didn't retire, the Lions would have a ring.

  35. 5:22 #59 knew he got caught for interference but wait… Cowboys cant lose!

  36. We been paying with bad luck n bad calls ever since this game lol

  37. The NFL couldn't let America's team lose to the Lions. Complete garbage. Refs pockets were full after that game.

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