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DIGIMON CARD GAME Digimon Liberator Promotion Video

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  1. Thus coupd be the furst card game based comic that breaks the mold

  2. So only a tcg stuff again… eh god damn bandi

  3. Would love a VIDEO GAME of this in the same way as the LEGENDARY "Digimon: Digital Card Battle (PS1)" (aka the GREATEST CARD VIDEO GAME ever made!).

  4. I am impressed that bulucomon and its evolutions have come out 😱 probably pteromon's rival

  5. The guy in red at 1:22 is such a cool character design. I can't wait to see his Digimon

  6. If they released an online client for the TCG I would uninstall YuGiOh Master Duel tomorrow lol

  7. Dear God I hope they make a mobile game like master duel that would be epic

  8. I hope they keep making awesome new digimons like this, and I would have never thought in a million years that Shoemon will mega digivolve into a mega based on one of my favorite fairytale characters, but I guess it makes perfect sense because of the shoe theme😅

  9. gotta make it as good as duel links and if not better to compete in the market my guys

  10. I wish the Ultimate/lv5 was the Mega/lv6.
    Would have been nice to see the same type for the full line, and the Mega be like a Massive digimon.

  11. Booooo. More stuff for bandai to favor. Give uneven support. And how many fans are actually going to carry this? You take down the mmos we've played for years, give us suboptimal clients. Have to have a 3rd party make a simulator for you. Booo bandai. Do better.

  12. ..can we just have the online player for the card game?

  13. The trailer is even better than pokemon z-a trailer.

  14. So this show is about summon digimon come to life inside the cards battle each other and collect the cards

  15. Wow it's already 100k+ view , hoping there would be anime adaptation or at least turn it to mobile games

  16. Bandai actually advertising Digimon content? Have I crossed into a parallel universe?!

  17. Wait was that BEMmon? Oh this is going to be interesting…

  18. Where can I reliably buy new legitimate cards?

  19. So who have finished Digimon seeking youtu. be/ZtwGehQA-5Y?feature=shared

  20. really cant wait for the game to finally released

  21. Just wanna say that Digimon LIBERATOR comes out in Portugal's day of LIBERTY
    Pteromon's color scheme is also that of our flag, I'm stoked

  22. I want to see an anime of that Zephagamon 1:02 killing a Dynasmon, and I hope any New Digimon Series won't follow Digimon Savers mistake of making an arrogant musclebrained brat with trashy personality Punching The Royal Knights around like a OnePunchMan lame ripoff.

    0:28 An Anime about Hexeblaumon or LordBloommon destroying an arrogant Lordknightmon or UlforceVeedramon and turn them into a harmless DigiEggs would be nice too.

    The Beast Knights (Area Rulers)

    BigAgumon GeoGreymon RizeGreymon
    ☀️ShineGreymon🔥 Dragons Roar

    Gaomon Gaogamon MachGaogamon
    🌘MirageGaogamon⛰️ Nature Spirits

    Pteromon Galemon GrandGalemon
    ☁️Zephagamon🌪️ Wind Guardians

    Sangomon Tobiumon MarinChimairamon
    🌊Regalecusmon💧 Deep Savers

    Pomumon Parasaurmon Ajatarmon
    🌸BloomLordmon🌿 Jungle Troopers

    Hi-Commandramon Cargomon
    ⚙️Brigadramon⛓️ Metal Empire

    Blucomon Paledramon CrysPaledramon
    🌀Hexeblaumon❄️ Witchelny

    Pulsemon Bulkmon Boutmon
    🐾Kazuchimon⚡ Weapon Spirits

    Bakumon Baluchimon SkullBaluchimon
    🎼Tactimon🕸️ Nightmare Soldiers

    Patamon Pegasmon MagnaAngemon
    ❣️Seraphimon✨ Virus Busters

    The Legendary Fusion Knights

    [The Fire of Courage]
    Flame Agni BurningGrey KaiserGrey
    Strabi Wolf Garum MagnaGaruru
    [Hyper Spirit Evolution]

    [The Strength of Kindness]
    Lunamon Lekis Cresce Diana
    Coronamon Fira Flare Apollo
    [Final Olympos Merge Evolution]

    [The Wings of Love]
    Biyomon Birdra Garuda Valdurmon
    Liollmon Leo IceLeo BanchoLeomon
    [Chaos G Evolution]

    [The Guardian of Reliability]
    Doru Doruga Dorugrey Dorugoramon
    🌊Alphamon Ouryuken💧
    Ryudra Ginryu Hisyaryu Owryumon
    [Alpha Inforce Evolution]

    [The Samurai of Sincerity]
    Labra Dorulu JaegerDorulu CresGaruru
    🌸AlterOmnimon (Omegamon AlterS)🌿
    BushiAgu Airdra Gigadra Blitzgrey
    [Black Digitron Evolution]

    [The Drill Of Knowledge]
    BlackPawnChess Troop Skullknight
    ⚙️AxeKnightmon X-antibody⛓️
    [DigiXros Evolution]

    [The Storm of Friendship]
    Zuba Zubaeager Dura Durandal
    Ludo TiaLudo RaijiLudo Bryweludra
    [Legends Arms Resonation Evolution]

    [The Radiance of Miracles]
    Dondoko Shout OmegaShout DX
    🐾Shoutmon EX6⚡
    Gaos BlueGrey DekkerGrey ZekeGrey
    Hawk Sparrow RaptorSparrow Eagle
    [DigiXros OverFusion Evolution]

    [The Flying Hope]
    Agu Grey MetalGrey Wargreymon
    🎼Omegamon X🕸️
    Gabu Garuru WereGaruru MetalGaruru
    [Omega Inforce Evolution]

    [The Bright Light]
    V-mon Flamedra Paildra Imperialdra
    ❣️Imperialdramon Paladin Mode✨
    Worm Sting Jewelbee BanchoSting
    [Burst Jogress Founder Evolution]

    The Royal Knights

    Guilmon Growlmon MegaloGrowlmon
    ☀️Gallantmon🔥 Gram and Aegis

    Koemon Hanumon Gokuwmon
    🌘Gankoomon⛰️ Hinukamuy

    Hawkmon Holsmon Mistymon
    ☁️Dynasmon🌪️ Breath of Wyvern

    Liollmon Leomon Panjyamon
    🌊Duftmon💧 Shoumetsu no Tsurugi

    PawnChessmon Gladimon Knightmon
    🌸Lordknightmon🌿 Pile Bunker

    Hagurumon Guardromon Andromon
    ⚙️Craniummon⛓️ Claíomh Solais

    Veemon Veedramon AeroVeedramon
    🌀UlforceVeedramon❄️ V-Bracelets

    V-mon ExVeemon Raidramon
    🐾Magnamon⚡ Golden Armor

    Kudamon Reppamon Tylinmon
    🎼Sleipmon🕸️ Múspellsheimr Niflheimr

    Huckmon BaoHuckmon SaviorHuckmon
    ❣️Jesmon✨ Tactical Arms

  23. I tried to share this on facebook and the youtube link says it goes against facebook community guidelines, you might want to fix that.

  24. I hope we get a name and lyrics for the song featured in this later.

  25. I want that shoemon deck. Learning the game and how to deck build so hoping I can build something

  26. digimon back there
    1:23 Digimon like Ornismon.
    1:25 Bancho Golemon.
    The blonde's Digimon is
    Hexe Blaumon

  27. Waiting for an anime and if there's a manga I'll look for it, does anyone know who this character is with the yellow gold honey eyes and the red jacket whose name I love characters with these eyes and physical type, I would love a Digimon drawing with a character in this style of physical description but more similar to kimimaru from naruto with a digimon monkey maybe baboon lion element magic darkness lightning or space who knows, in digimon adventure 1 besides meico there is room for another 3 or more chosen digi and digimons or in adventure 2, in 4 frontier, no summers war with kazuma izekawa, no 3 or a new drawing anime series and ova with stories and characters based on these other versions mentioned and typed above, digimo liberator I'll keep an eye on the characters, see if there's a manga and wait for a possible drawing version. The sequence of characters is cool: the one in the green coat, the girl with channel hair, the one in the red coat, the one in the blue coat, the girl with white hair, the blonde girl, the guy with white hair and a white coat and the girl with black hair and glasses, it looks so radical, more of a male character I think would look better, brazil

    Aguardando por um anime e se tem manga vou procurar, alguem sabe quem é esse personagem do de olhos amarelo ouro mel de jaqueta vermelha do qual seu nome adoro personagens com esses olhos e tipo físico, adoraria um desenho do digimon com um personagem nesse estilo de descrição física mas mais parecido como kimimaru de naruto com um digimon macaco talvez babuíno leão elemento magia trevaz raio ou espaço quem sabe ainda no digimon adventure 1 além da meico tem espaço para mais uns 3 ou mais digi escolhidos e digimons ou no adventure 2, no 4 frontier, no summers war com kazuma izekawa, no 3 ou em um novo desenho série anime e ova de com histórias e personagens com bases nessas outras versões citadas e digitadas acima, digimo liberator vou ficar de olho nos personagens,ver se tem manga e esperar po uma possível versão em desenho.
    Legal a sequência de personagens o de casaco verde, agarota de cabelo channel, o de casaco vermelho, o de casaco azul, a garota de cabelos brancos, a garota loura, o cara de cabelos brancos e jaleco branco e a garota de cabelos negros e óculos, parece tão radical, mais um personagem masculino acho que ficaria melhor.

  28. i was hoping that a moblie/online digimon card game but i gave my hopes up just to see something that i can't play

  29. Please … We need a Digimon TCG game, for Xbox, PS5, and switch!!

  30. Digimon Tamers TCG returns with a vengeance!!!

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