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Digimon Card Game Official Rules Song

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Listen to the song and learn how to play the Digimon Card Game!
Dive into the world of Digimon Card Game with this song and become the best Digimon tamer!

Will you be number one?

———Lyrics here———
Keep raising and Digivolve. Adventure together with your strongest Digimon to seize victory
Dive into Battle!

Digimon Cards lead the charge
Support comes from your Tamer Cards
Played just once are Option Cards
Build a deck of 50 ready to start
Hatch the Digi-Egg Card
5 Digi-Eggs in your Digi-Egg deck
Shuffle both decks, get ready for the match!

5 cards from top deck to security stack
Win rock paper scissors and be the first to attack!
5 cards in your hand
Set the memory gauge to 0! Come on let’s play

Digimon! Digimon Card Game!
You can raise, digivolve, and attack so let’s go!
Battle to break your opponent’s security stack down to zero for the final blow!
Digimon! Digimon Card Game!
Use memory wisely for victory
Unsuspend, Draw, Breeding and Main phases, your journey starts now!

When the memory gauge reaches 1, it’s your opponent’s turn to have fun
Use your memory carefully to play cards or Digivolve
Attack with your Digimon partner to check your rival’s security!
Higher DP wins
Stand strong till the end, security checks can come when you least expect!

Digimon! Digimon Card Game!
Keep fighting till the end because you never know
Weaken and break down your opponent’s security stack to zero for the final blow!
Digimon! Digimon Card Game!
How you use your memory gauge is the key!
Inherited effects from Digivolution
Can change your fate

Digimon Cards connect the world
Never forget to draw one card when your Digimon Digivolves
Figure out the best type of strategy
Reach for the top and glory
Digimon Cards connect the world
Never forget your dreams
Digimon! Digimon Card Game!
Now its your turn
Will you be number one?
Learn the rules with the tutorial App.


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  1. If only digimon card game is made into digital game that can be connect online.

    Those day when PS1 has digimon battle card game that can be battle 2 players as long u bring along ur memory card with the game inside.

    I played with my brothers.. those were the days.

  2. You know the card game is hard when you need a song to explain it.

  3. You guys are surpassing creativity and courage bonds with these things

  4. Holy shit, this thing is lit. Didn't expect something good like this.


  6. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says:

    First ever official card game music video! 😍

  7. Me angrily singing this song when someone tries to cheat

  8. Can't wait for my opponent to hear me sing this song as I play my moves 😌

  9. After listening to this song, I still don't know the rules

  10. And after one listen the chorus is stuck in my head…. "Digimon digital card game!"

  11. But, if you win Rock Paper Scissors you are NOT the one attacking first…

  12. This looks so incredibly fun but of course this is TCG exclusive. I would really want an actual digital card game of this. Just like Yu-Gi-Oh! & Shadowverse. I love those card games. Immensely fun.

  13. Wherever, whenever, forever, beside my partner.
    That is digimon.


  15. Is there a live q&a I can message or email with specific questions I have ?

  16. I love how they use a song to instruct how to play this neat card game.

  17. Such a cute, upbeat song. Makes me think of soda pop, pink bubblegum and rollerskating rinks

  18. Me vibing to the song and not actually paying attention to the lyrics… Which would make me learn this game I've been buying all these dang slips of cardboard 🤣🤣🤣

  19. If this was in Japanese, it could make a hell of an anime intro


    Why is the tutorial is a song

  21. This is cheesy and ridiculous and I freaking loved every second of it

  22. When Persona and Digimon do a Jogress 👏🏼

  23. I need more Card Games to Serenade me while I play

  24. If this rule comes out it is the best card game. So if the opponents security is higher than the mine you can shuffle the security so we can have fun more than just giving up ur security

  25. make a fkgn online version of the game like all other tcg!!!!!! please!!!!

  26. So are we not gonna talk about how they have a full fledged online client in the background that they are using, but the public still doesn't have access to it even after 3 years of the game being out? Like cmon bandai, it's not like people will stop buying the physical cards. It would actually bring more people to the card game if anything. So many people are turned off by the physical tcg only.

  27. How have I not found this sooner. Though I did a rough video of how to play digimon I only have 3 decks and I'm wanting to have one of each colour structure for the fun and diversity.

  28. Am I right in thinking you can use any digimon cards to create a deck? Excluding restricted cards? I.e mixed red cards from BT10 and BT11??

  29. This is a cool video and all but I still have no idea how this game works lol anything that isn’t just taken from the Pokémon TCG is very confusing

  30. This is a crime. I never new this existed. I love this.

  31. Man why was this better then it had to be?

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