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Digimon Card Game Official Trailer “Life”

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Whoever you are, however you want! It’s the Digimon Card Game!
Digimon Card Game!

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  1. Nice commercial, I really like the diverse representation. Also cool seeing the new decks like bloomknightmon, and xross heart. I hope lots of people will see this commercial and get into the game!

  2. Brasil apreciaria jogar Digimon em sua língua natal,inclusive alcançaria um público maior que nem é pokemon tcg.

  3. all having a great time huh guess they dont play at a locals where security control runs rampant

  4. Now if only there were a digital version, it'll be much easier for me to give it a go…

  5. This is so cute. If any stores around me sold digimon cards id get some

  6. OMG I'm 32 with a history of playing card games in my younger years! (Yu-Gi-Oh / Duel Masters / Digimon ETC) Been having nostalgia hard.Just heard about this game and been on the fence about playing cause like I'm a man now and don't wanna play with a shit load of kids…..but………..if this is the player base then I'm down!!!! 😅😅😅😅

  7. Ayy finally they learn to market their game

  8. hol up there's a TCG where I don't have to wait 15 minutes for my opponent to OTK me? And the cards effects aren't mini essays? SIGN ME UP

  9. He loves strategy but is playing Red. I don't believe it.

  10. Been 7 months since I started playing and I love it, the game is very fun and enjoyable, would recomend anyone to give it a try

  11. Fake no true card gamer would play unsleeved cards

  12. They definitely got someone who doesn't know a thing about Digimon to voice this commercial. xD

  13. No sleevs and no playmat. This is to fake xD

  14. 60% talking about the comments that the game is cool and 40% asking to bring it to Brazil. Are they really not getting the hint?

  15. Is there any chance that Digimon fans can play DGM card game in Online ver?

  16. I've been been struck by the Digimon bug, I absolutely love it! The cards are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Anyone else screaming at the lack of card sleeves?

  18. make a more competitive circuit with more frequent events and not online instead of making useless bandai !

  19. so this is cool and all but real talk, sleeves in these commercials please. even clear inner sleeves or penny sleeves so you can still see the back of the cards.. I'm not a cinematographer though so maybe that ruins the shot with glare, idk.

  20. Bora, Bandai, tá na hora de trazer pro Brasil!!

    C'mon, Bandai, It's time to bring it to Brazil!!!

  21. hoping for a online version like the Yugioh TCG

  22. bandai please give us a Online simulator. thats the only thing the card game really needs at this point.
    dont let ur cardgame die !!!
    we love it

  23. Glad to see they aren't using 5 yr Olds like pokemon. Older fans exist too… and prolly some of Digimon best fans. I grew up with these!

  24. I really like this ad fun, meme worthy and does something different from usual card game ads.

  25. Give us a digital version already! Don't you like money??

  26. Honestly, I've become addicted. It's the best card game I've played in a LONG time

  27. Oh sweet I'm glad we're getting more of these ads, they're amazing!

  28. playing with no sleeve and no playmat ? come on bandai !

  29. I started off with a wargreymon deck now I ended up with 3 more decks which are imperialdramon,green hybrid and d reaper lol I did told myself i am only sticking with one deck but I ended up with 4 decks in total I am very glad I got into the digimon tcg.

  30. It would be amazing if we had a digital platform to play digimon tcg, it's even strange that they didn't release it together with tcg and they didn't even say anything about it until now.

  31. I love digimon too, but iam new in this file with the card game, maybe someone can help me understand something about the cards, my question is ,,gives it from every common or uncommon card a super rare card or holo card and others?,, thanks for the answers😉

  32. Sleeves? Are people in Bandai's reality unable to afford Sleeves?

  33. This is so fake, that I can't believe the level of fake

  34. Give us a real online client please!!!!!!

  35. Eu vou comprar no brasil, para que tenha o incentivo de traduzir em pt-br.

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