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Digimon Card Game: Top 8 Deck Lists! Zulu’s April BT11 Pre – Regionals!

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Top 8 Deck List:

Twitch VOD:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Zakary Georgis-Yap’s 1st Place Blue Flare
03:38 Austin Statfield’s 4th Place Blue “Red” Flare
05:07 Rayden Rivera’s 2nd Place Examon
06:30 Joaquin Flores’ 3rd Place Beelzemon
07:48 Armando Salinas’ 5th Place Dorbick
09:20 Sean H’s 6th Place Gallant
10:30 Anibal Vergara’s 7th Place BWGX
11:52 Brady Harding’s 8th Place Ulforce

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  1. Still never sure how I feel about Takumi in Examon. Like I never know what to actually do with him lol

  2. It was fun playing should not have played that Merva can't wait to play in another event you host.

  3. Nice to see the dorbickmon top! Wondering how it looks against beelzemon without a flood gate or blocker

  4. Was this an online tournament? I used to go to Zulus when I lived in WA and they’re awesome.

  5. 12:09 Loving the choice of Merciful Mode in that top 8 UlForce list. It was nice vs BWG-X pre ban and it seems to also target Beelzemon well. Card seems to get time bits better as time goes on.

  6. Analog youth in Gallant is interesting to see over cool boy. Better consistency in getting wargrowlmon’s effect to proc and you can grab crimson. Glad to see the boy topping!

  7. I’m liking this meta right now. I know it’s gonna change in about 3 weeks but for now I’m liking what I’m seeing locally and competitively

  8. Lol again no Melga in top 8, while BWGX as of late, has at least 1 in top 8 especially in the recent regional. BWGX is still a dominant force!

  9. I'm sure that bwgx player slow played his way to topping like he did me in 1st round lol

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