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Divorced Dads starter pack review

Graeme Barrett
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  1. 10$ for a pack of 9 cards is crazy 😂😂😂

  2. What's the pull rate for the House?
    I shall aquire these! Asap!

  3. Im not really a fan of what i assume is ai artwork for the cards

  4. Lmaooo Such Original Content . Very much Needed ! ❤

  5. Bald spot is absolutely wild and unfortunately accurate.

  6. This dude created a whole ass card game 😂

  7. These are dumb knock offs of Magic the Gathering and Pokemon.

  8. please read Rollo Tomassi's books, starting with the Rational Male!

  9. I honestly want a pack, but I don't want to open it😂

  10. Things haven’t been the same since he got the house

  11. The headset alone would sell me on whatever you have to offer.

  12. Pretty funny. Soulless AI art completely ruins it for me but can't speak for everyone

  13. I’m looking for the difference between this and dnd.. so far the players and the game are all the same..

  14. I got banned on this app for calling this creator out on lazy product AI placement

  15. I still remember when we pulled the House

  16. Why does this feel like a randy marsh kinda thing to do in south park

  17. Im looking to get the house, come up give me the house.

  18. Dude it’s amazing that this is a real card game now lol

  19. Bummer is those are all 100% A.I. art lmao. Still S-Tier content

  20. Why is he still playing this game when he already got The House. He needs to just collect and sell

  21. This is what ai is supposed to be used as

  22. Is this the guy in the park casting necromancer spells?

  23. Cards for me and a friend?
    Guess I can’t play this game then 😢

  24. I'm bout to invest so much money into this shit 😭😭

  25. i actually want to play this. The card names are hilarious

  26. This needs to be a real playable tcg

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