Don't Buy Amazon Presales for Murders at Karlov Manor | Weekly #MTG Finance Update -

Don’t Buy Amazon Presales for Murders at Karlov Manor | Weekly #MTG Finance Update

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This week in the world of Magic finance Smuggler’s Copter is shooting to the moon, Fury is crashing and Murders of Karlov Manor presales are massively overpriced on Amazon.

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  1. People honestly shouldn't be buying anything through scAmazon.

  2. I've "Heard" that when you buy amazon presales you pay the lowest price the box dips to until it is released.

  3. I knew a guy that hated copter so much he bought 100 copies and used them as sleeves in his commander deck when it got banned. Now he has 1100 bucks worth of sleeves lol

  4. I read this card and thought this seems over tuned. Then I remembered subterranean schooner and suddenly it seems sort of balanced.

  5. Draft booster box: ~$100
    Set booster box: ~$120
    Play booster box: ~$150

    I'll grant that with 50% more booster in the box play boosters are a steal over set boosters. But at 50% more expensive than draft boosters (for less cards, mind) it really seems like a sick joke to call them play boosters. Less people will be able to play at this price. But I guess the "this product isn't for you" now just extends to the game as a whole.

  6. No one should be buying from Amazon full stop. Heinously unethical company.

    Especially in a hobby like Magic, which is interwoven with independent shops, support your local businesses over Bezos’ utterly absurd wealth.

  7. Do you think $150 will be the standard price of booster boxes from here on out? If so, I may have been priced out of the game


  9. You gonna talk about timeless? im dying from anticipation of hearing yalls thoughts

  10. Copter will drop in price. Once people realize how easily removed it from the format. Meaning there are so many options to kill it before it even has a chance to hit the opposing player. It’s actually not a good card anymore.

  11. Well I joked that you didn't want ot be the guy who invested in smugglers copters the day it was banned. I suppose that that isn't true anymore.

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