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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version Announcement

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The DIGITAL Version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is finally coming!

More information including the release period and closed beta test details will be announced at Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 next March 4-5!

More info here!

Look forward to more announcements soon!


  1. We wanted a World Missipn sequel. This is good anyway

  2. I am so excited about this. Not for this game itself, but that this more than likely means we’ll be getting a Digimon client eventually too. 🙂

  3. Good for Dragon ball tcg fan but Bandai do the same for Digimon tcg is really needed for one

  4. been foaming at the mouth waiting for this. i love world mission but its not.. this lol

  5. Never played it before but will get this for sure I tried that app tutorial they have but wasn't enough but it always seemed cool. I always wanted to get into it but no one plays in my area. This will be interesting! I can't wait!


  7. bout damn time, I'm very excited for this

  8. ok the leak was true, when digimon tcg trailer for the digital version?

  9. Noone to play with here, but been colecting since set1. Super hyped for this!!!

  10. Am I the only one who doesn't like digital card games with effects? Some are important, but spending more time watching lights and animations than playing is downright boring. If I'm not the only one with this opinion, maybe you should give the option to play without animations or without unnecessary animations.

  11. I am SO EXCITED for this.

    There is no local scene anywhere near me and I really want to play this game.

  12. ALLÉLUIA !!! 🤩
    Now can't Wait for Digimon TCG (with French Text too)

  13. Bro Pokemon a Million dollar company cant even compare to the quality of the DBS digital game, HUGE W for the DB community

  14. I need this badly nobody plays with me in the real world 😢

  15. LETS GOOOOOOO!!!! I LOVED the card game in kakarot, and to see Bandai has done/is doing a separate card game both digitally AND physically is absolutely exciting!!

  16. Love this! Played for a bit but this will get me back into it. Heres hoping you all do this for Digimon as well!

  17. I don't play Dragonball, but this may be a good way to check it out. Also, fingers crossed for a Digimon version as well! 🤞

  18. So basically the global version of Dragon Ball heroes

  19. Thank you so much for another gatcha game! Can’t wait to receive much free currency at first and finding a huge paywall after, forcing me to buy in-game currency if I want to build a deck! Master Duel much ?

  20. At least something good will happen on my birthday

  21. awaiting for digimon card game digital version

  22. this will definitely get me playing again. especially since any and all tourney scenes ive seen died

  23. the pandemic mudered this game in cold blood im so excited for this game

  24. I can finally not play with other ppl 🥺😫👐🏾

  25. So this is are us version of the dragon ball heroes game and yes I said heroes because if u look closely at the beginning u can see dark masked ssj4 broly

  26. Fire, please allow a console or mobile release

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