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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version Announcement

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The DIGITAL Version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is finally coming!

More information including the release period and closed beta test details will be announced at Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 next March 4-5!

More info here!

Look forward to more announcements soon!


  1. This is gonna be great! I’ve been begging for a digital release and the only times I’ve been playing DBS is with my friends.


  3. Awesome news!
    Though I'm curious if you start with everything or have to earn points for random packs and use microtransactions.
    Regardless, I'll remain FTP online and keep collecting and playing IRL.

  4. I hope we get a Digimon Card Game Digital version app someday as well

  5. This is great news! I know nothing about the TCG, but this has gotten me interested!

  6. Finally, in my town DBS isn't a mainstream card game but yes it's in my country so this app would be great… the physical cards would be transferred to the digital version? 🤔

  7. Will you give codes to redeem packs for buying physical products? Magic still does that as well as pokemon.

  8. Announcement of an announcement… sigh. At least it's happening though.

  9. If this is good the card game will explode. The game has so much potential.


  11. Looking forward to this! Having a chance to play the game digitally with players around the world sounds awesome!

  12. Bandai you give me hope to the future of this game really thank you

  13. I'm hoping this will be like Yu-Gi-Oh master duel and come out on all platforms with crossplay. Would love this on switch so I can play as I travel. Very excited for this. Now we need the new one piece card game as a digital version 😁😁😁😁

  14. Should be on mobile phone too because everyone can scan it

  15. Can we also get the Digimon Card as well plz

  16. Would be cool if DB and Yu Gi Oh had a collab or crossover. Like this game having a collab with Master Duel would be fun.

  17. Been ripping packs most the year and I cant fuckin wait!!!

  18. This is great for people (like myself 😁) who don't always, if ever at all, have time to go out and play at the local shop with people 😭 Hyped to see how it ends up!

  19. Now do one for the Digimon TCG too pretty please!

  20. Pretty cool, now gimme digimon tcg online version

  21. It makes perfect sense for reducing errors in the game. So many cards are printed with incorrect translation or just poor implementation. What better way to push erratas and reduce major errors than in the form of a Mobile card game? The only issue this causes, unless they add codes to the physical packs, is kill the local shop scene. Why go anywhere and waste gas, when you can log in to the game from home and play right on your phone or PC?

  22. I am at a loss for words. This is exactly what the community needs. I'm am so hype for this release. I'm definitely jumping into this. Thank for all the effort Bandai. Shout out to the DBS community. You guys are awesome

  23. Yes!!! I just shared with all my good friend!!!! Oh man the rivalry will really live on!!!! Oh my im so excited

  24. Wow im blown away buy this. I love this card game., but dont have friends who play this. Now I can finally play.

  25. Now to patiently wait for the digimon card game digital version

  26. Lol. Bout time. It needs to have a iOS version too though.

  27. Ooooooohhhhh yaaaaaaaaaa i was waiting for this from so long. Pls be free.

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