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DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Digital Version Trailer (Long Version)

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The DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Digital Version is coming!
Now accepting Closed Beta Test applications!


  1. This is like a "how to play" or full game?

  2. Please print more One Piece. It’s hard out here for us

  3. Is it me or is the announcer overdoing it a bit?

  4. despues de 200 años al fin un juego de cartas de dragon ball oficial no como los truchos de los chinos

  5. i really hope they did this with DIGIMON TCG too

  6. Not holding my breath cuz console always gets the shaft, but it would be amazing if this made it to console.

  7. Ehh I’m good, probably a gacha game and Dokkans taken enough from me already.

  8. Not like they should’ve done this in the first place

  9. Can't wait for the one piece card game version

  10. I would have rather seen Digimon get this treatment.

  11. Imagine if this had been released in 2020…!

  12. Will it be available for xbox?

  13. I'm gonna tell you straight up. Nobody cares.

  14. Wait, is this gonna be available only on PC/mobile or will it have a console release like Master Duel? Would be dope to play this on PS

  15. If only we can get that Pokémon TCG from gameboy

  16. DBS waited 5 yrs for this. Yall Digi-Destined need to sit back and wait your turn. All the other Bandai games followed the DBS model, so just wait like we had to

  17. Yes! I wanted the digital version because it's hard to find people to play with I.R.L..

  18. I loved the card game back in the Game Boy Colour times.

  19. IC cardass game android/ios is back after 7 years??????????????????????????????? Really ???

  20. they realised yugioh master duel was going strong so they thought y not lol but its awesome they have done this too 🙂

  21. Wow, very well done Bandai. For the Digimon fans, I hope you will get blessed with a mobile version for that too. As one of the many One Piece fans, I truly wish something similiar. I would whale so hard on that! Go Bandai, you know where the money is.

  22. Digimon world 1 with player versus player rank system etc 3v3 5v5

  23. If this happens with digimon next I will cry tears of joy!!!😂

  24. Hope you would consider digital version for Digimon TCG too!

  25. Let's goooooo, now there is hope for a Digital version for Digi(tal)mon TCG. Hope we digimon players can play where we were supposed to play ahaha

  26. this is litterly BS dbz in card game leave the franchise alone pls

  27. You know what would be great?

    PLAYING the Digimon TCG digitally… Literally.

    I'd love be able to play DTCG On Mobile or PC.

  28. I wish this were the Score DBZ CCG instead. The mechanics for that game were so much more reflective of what Dragon Ball is. This looks like Yu-Gi-Oh!

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