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Welcome to DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME FUSION WORLD,where you can battle using the warriors from DRAGON BALL!
Starter Deck available February 16 2024.
Booster Pack available February 23 2024.
Who is the strongest fighter?

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  1. They need to get the person speaking to learn how to pronounce names. He couldn’t pronounce Broly right 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Ok so…..where is the digimon tcg online game?

  3. Aint nobody talking about how he called Broly "Braly" 💀

  4. I ordered all the new starter decks and whole case of booster boxes. Can't wait untill release. I am excided for the digital version to!!

  5. Sad for Masters happy for digital. Why couldn’t fusion world be digital only to help protect masters?

  6. i hope this releases for mobile in the future

  7. Why don’t we have a mobile version? Are you fucking kidding us?

  8. I'm not hyped for this game but at least do a badass ost like this one on the trailer or similar. I'm going in with brawly

  9. Please let it come to consol too, 😢😝

  10. So we not gonna talk about how he said brawlly instead of broly 😅

  11. Wait…why is it the old, non canon Broly?

  12. Hopefully we will see a digital version available for mobile and consoles in a near future after PC release

  13. Ngl the one we have now is fine. Mabye a revamp is ok but we really dont need 2 card games simultaneously. Please put money into something else 😅 like dbs animation for Christ's sake

  14. Why just can’t they release it on console💔.

  15. The most ambitious thing in this game is to put a number to each DB character. Ohh the rage wars that will follow.

  16. lol i dont buy a Display for 200€. The release is a big fail…no displays available

  17. When will didgital be available for download?

  18. Probably a dumb question but I'm new to the dragonball super card game. Can these be used with the older cards?

  19. Ciao sai dirmi quando esce con la traduzione in italiano delle carte?

  20. baby ya know i'll be making that cooler deck, he's just cooler than the rest

  21. His name isn't fucking braly it's Broly so first it's bro then ly put it together snd you get Broly 🫢🫢🫢 fucking swear to god if you can't pronounce a simple name right go get a different fucking job.

  22. Sir did you just call him "brahlee" 👁👄👁

  23. No way the official bandai card game account called Broly "BROLLY"
    This shouldn't make me as upset as it has. SHAME!

  24. Bro wtf why on pc release this on consoles

  25. Pongan la wea en español si latam es el fandom mas grande de dbo

  26. I know this “game” came out at least three months ago, but after Akira Toriyama’s death, you are heavily advertising it mainly due to that.

    A rancid, macro transaction filled trash. Thanks for spitting on his grave.

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