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DBSCG Series 7 is coming on August 2nd, 2019!!
Multicolored cards arrive in force for Series 7!
The deck building possibilities are endless for new players and veterans alike!


  1. i like new member ps i am italian i am using a translator

  2. Why was this video hype? Bandai, let me get a hold of some cards. Been playing since set 1

  3. King vegeta and radditz!!! Sugoi sugoi!

  4. Don't forget to send everything out EARLIER, especially to European distributor. You're always making us wait a month or longer compared to US for the cards to arrive.

  5. hope we get them in Europe! love ssj3 Nappa!

  6. I love this game for including what if forms…

  7. I am so HYPED!!!! Thank you Bandai for making an all Saiyans set and new Broly and Fused Zamasu leaders. As well as more Future Trunks support.
    I so want to get my hands on the signed Gohan and Trunks cards.
    Please tell me there will be enough stock and not a shortage. I don't want to play $300 for each of them.

  8. Very well done trailer.
    I'm very curious what the soundtrack you guys used in the video? It's freakin amazing!

  9. Electric guitar and fuckin american voice : Yea Aghhh wwrrrraaa… bullshit. Where is japanse goku voice and original japanse music ??

  10. …….so please un.ban ss3 goku so I can play mono red ss3 goku…..its not even that good

  11. I really like this game, but maybe you guys should focus on making sure its worldy aviable instead of making new stuff… We here is europe didn't even get EX04 and EX05 and BT6 is nowhere aviable… Sorry, great there will be new set, but I as an European player already know there will be delayed or something and this just is ridiculous

  12. i’m hoping one of those super secret rares is a ssj3 Raditz

  13. "As Raditz makes his long awaited debut" FUCKING RIGHT! FINALLY!

  14. En español y más sagas de dragon ball z y música de dragon ball

  15. I hope you guys had gumption enough to offer vic the chance to autograph a card for the set.

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