Drone shop, Card games | Rust update 29th January 2021 - finalbosscardgame.com

Drone shop, Card games | Rust update 29th January 2021

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The drones are hovering closer, there’s mention of a drone shop and card games.. Enjoy!

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  1. Still waiting for the new animal models to be implemented

  2. Lol I thought that "jitter bug" happened when ur cold

  3. Being able to fly a drone and it maybe having a microphone would be amazing

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  5. Help make unicorn dust powered mining happen. VOTE FOR MY UNICORN COLORED JACKHAMMER! Plx?

  6. Something I would love to see would be droves that can carry a few things of cargo. It would be amazing to form a delivery system for either trade or an emergency gearset. Mostly for trade I think this would be amazing. Imagine being able to pay some x scrap and they then can call in the drone to which you load what they bought and fly the drone to their designated drop spot. This really clicks well with me as I like the pressure pvp puts on you, but I hate pvp. So I’d love to see this.

  7. Playing Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, and even Caravan would be fun!

  8. Playing blackjack in rust. Well that's unexpected though not unwelcome.

  9. Are we going to be able to drone strike people

  10. I'm guessing the drones might be delivery systems of certain shop items

  11. jitter bug was tested far out in the water where nothing is really rendering. nice try though…

  12. when rust comes out for console we already look forward to playing it

  13. That jitter thing is so annoying!! It happens for half of my ak sprays I swear!

  14. When we will have control on them to scout area's

  15. Can I mount an ak to a drone

  16. I absolutely can not wait to play this game.i don't have a race computer though so I'm just patiently waiting for it to come to console.i hope it is still going to happen.

  17. Good video. But your pathetic begging for likes at the end just earnt a dislike

  18. 1:00 Poor ShadowFrax never played Danger Zone in CS:GO, hahaha.

  19. Just played on a awesome server Rust-Mafia 10x under modded.

  20. why does this guy remind me of zero punctuality?

  21. CONSOLE😭😭😭see if you can get the TEAM to use me as a console tester i never played before

  22. Imagine if Rust teamed up with SCP foundation, for a map mode, for like a month

  23. Imagine drone turret hovering over your compound base.

  24. image adding drones instead of doing something the community wants or NEEDS lol Edit: oh wait so they made the JH skinnable now every skin kid should be happy anyways ( the best customer )

  25. student: can i use the wc?
    Teacher: I don't know, can you?
    Shadowfrax, an intellectual: P E E P E E D E N I E D

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